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Your Comprehensive Guide to Adelaide’s Cocktail Bars

Adelaide is a vibrant and ever-changing city with a rich cocktail culture. Whether you are tempted by the cocktails served in its upscale downtown restaurants, or you want to try some heady mix of cocktails at its five-star hotels, the multicultural city with its happening nightlife is waiting to treat you.

Adelaide has a wide selection of cocktail bars to suit all budgets, tastes, and occasions. It offers various outlets for a small intimate drink or a large rooftop party.

Listed below are some of the popular cocktail bars in Adelaide that can make your evening special when you visit them with your friends and family. 

Mr Goodbar

Mr Goodbar is a cocktail bar in Adelaide where you can share and enjoy delicious food, drinks, and company with like-minded people. Once you enter the bar, there are booths and tables with comfortable seating. With a new look and feel, you can expect premium cocktails, punches, mocktails, and wines served in the best quality glassware. The carefully crafted cocktails and creative drinks combine great tastes with an original concept. 

Jive Bar 

Jive Bar is a popular cocktail bar in Adelaide where you can be sure to enjoy your weekend with friends and acquaintances. The drinks menu contains a wide variety of spirits, wines, and gins with many flavoured cordials, syrups, and tonics available as per your choice. The great atmosphere and friendly staff go a long way in making your evening memorable. Exotic cocktails, expert bartending, and an all-day delicious food menu at down-to-earth prices make it a value-for-money experience. 

Nineteen Ten

One of the friendly cocktail bars in Adelaide, Nineteen Ten is a great place to come and unwind after work or for a date night. It is well-known for its distinctive atmosphere and great service. The bar has a huge variety of exciting cocktails to suit every budget, and you can enjoy a drink made by expert mixologists who make your evening special with their bartending skills. The friendly, professional staff make every visit a memorable experience, and there is plenty of places to sit and relax in the bar.

Lotus Lounge

Lotus Lounge is one of the trendiest cocktail bars in Adelaide, offering regular live music performances, DJs, and special events. The intimate space is a great spot to meet friends and enjoy some of Adelaide’s finest global craft beer. It is a sophisticated and classy cocktail lounge in the heart of Rundle Street, serving contemporary fine cocktails. Lotus Lounge offers an extensive menu of premium spirits and classic tipples with an ever-changing selection. 

Fumo Blu

Fumo Blue is one of the best-hidden cocktail bars in Adelaide. With a tropical-inspired bar area, amazing cocktails, and an extensive wine list, it is an elegant spot for amazing cocktails in Adelaide. This casual yet stylish venue offers excellent food and drink options to pair with its broad range of cocktails. The menus are handwritten on chalkboards, dimly lit wooden booths line the walls, and a bare brickwork surface provides a tactile backdrop for cocktails. With a focus on craft spirits, vintage wines, and quality beer, Fumo Blu offers an innovative alternative to other local bars.