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What is the most popular birthstone? by Mpanchang…

There are several customs we associate with our birthdays, with the top three being parties, gifts, and ingesting a frightening quantity of sugar. However, there is one custom connected to our birthdate that few of us are familiar with, if at all: birthstones. But birthstones are more than simply another glitzy present you might offer a particular someone when you’re stuck for ideas.

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The idea that these diamonds aren’t just another jewelry store gimmick to hawk expensive trinkets all year long may really surprise consumers the most. Actually, the birthstone custom has its roots in Biblical times. Each of the twelve tribes of Israel is represented by one jewel on the breastplate that Moses crafted for Aaron in Exodus. The twelve stones eventually acquired additional significance when they began to be associated with the twelve astrological signs, just like many significant numbers in the Bible. The birthstone order we are familiar with today was ultimately determined by the stones that were given each month. 


The stones connected to our birth months have changed over time, with new meanings being attached to each. Read on to learn your birthstone’s identity, potential meaning for you, and attractiveness ranking because we’ve ranked them from top to worst.

1. Emerald 

The emerald, the birthstone for May, embodies the lush richness of spring with its rich green tint, making it the greatest birthstone of them all. Emeralds, according to folklore, are also a source of great luck and provide wearers with protection from evil. Emeralds are also perfect for the fashion-forward from an aesthetic standpoint because of their dazzling color, which scarcely fits a shrinking violet.

2. Amethyst 

Brilliant purple amethyst, a kind of crystalline quartz, is the birthstone for February newborns. This magnificent stone is the ideal match for the fiery Aquarius personality and the more subdued Pisces. It is believed to bestow wisdom, heal lungs and heart diseases, and protect against both physical toxins and poisonous ideas.

3. Aquamarine 

Unquestionably stunning are aquamarines, the light blue gemstones associated with March birthdays. Aquamarines, which are the hue of the ocean on a clear day, are symbolic of the serenity of spirit and the capacity for prophecy. And individuals who wear this magnificent diamond are always trendsetters who strive to seem stylish without fitting in.


4. Garnet 

A blood-red birthstone is given to people who were born at the start of the year. The garnet, the birthstone for January babies, gets its name from the Latin granatum, or pomegranate, whose seeds also have a deep red color. While many gem experts believe the stone to be specifically associated with female energy and that it has healing properties, it is also frequently used as a protection stone, fending off those who could do us harm. This makes it ideal for the strong warrior within you.

5. Sapphire 

Although it may not be as distinctive as the garnet, this dark blue birthstone is nevertheless stunning. This birthstone is the height of elegance and is linked to mental clarity and protection from negative energy. It is a common feature in royal wedding rings like the one Princess Diana gave to Duchess Kate.

6. Ruby 

July newborns are fortunate to receive this lovely stone, which ranges in color from deep pink to red burgundy. Rubies, on the other hand, are a fantastic gift for any partner or friend born in July despite having a tendency to be a little more frequent and undoubtedly having a less vibrant color than garnets.

7. Opal & Tourmaline 

Opal and tourmaline are two of the most unusual birthstones, making October one of the rarest months of the year for birthdays. Due to the silica specks that make up the former, in addition to having a variety of colors that range from white to black, it also reflects a rainbow of hues. The second stone is similarly magnificent; its hues range from blue to green to pink, and it is thought to encourage introspection, wisdom, and inner calm. The 100 Wow Gifts for The Person Who Has Everything also have you covered when you’re looking for the ideal gift.

8. Pearl and Alexandrite 

One of the few months with both a pearl and an alexandrite birthstone is June. Although pearls may also be found in a wide range of colors, from pink to black, the former, an opaque creation made by mollusks, is believed to signify integrity and love. Its prevalent white color also stands for purity. Pink, blue, green, grey, red, and yellow are just a few of the colors that alexandrite can be found in, and many stones have more than one color. And whereas Alexandrite is frequently believed by crystal healers to have health-promoting qualities, pearls are rarely supposed to have the powers of gemstones.

9. Tanzanite, Turquoise, and Blue Zircon 

Tanzanite, turquoise, and blue zircon are the three distinct birthstones for the month of December, making it unique among other months. The former is a lovely blue or violet stone, however, it lacks the emerald’s vibrant hue. One of the most distinctive-looking gemstones, turquoise typically has its name-brand color, while it also frequently has gold, orange, and black flecks. Unsurprisingly, blue zircon also has a blue color, though it is a little lighter than tanzanite. Furthermore, tanzanite doesn’t have a lot of mythology attached to it compared to zircon and turquoise, which are both supposed to have protective qualities and lead those who wear them to greater health, enhanced intelligence, and prosperity.

10. Peridot 

August has two main drawbacks: it’s an unbearably hot month worldwide, and its birthstone isn’t exactly fantastic. Many crystal aficionados believe that the green stone peridot, which is believed to have been one of the original jewels in Aaron’s breastplate, can reduce stress. Unfortunately, it’s not really a color that most clothing can easily match unless it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

11. Citrine and Topaz

Citrine is one of the least popular yellow gemstones, which explains why it is so low on the list of birthstones. Even though the color most often associated with it is yellow, the birthstone for November also occurs in tones of brown and orange. The alternative birthstone for November is topaz, which is available in a variety of hues, including blue, green, and pink. However, it also frequently has an unattractive yellow tint.

12. Diamond 

Those born in April have the double-edged sword of having diamonds designated to their birth month, making them the most expensive and valuable birthstones. Although these stones are thought to bring about love, purity, creativity, self-esteem, and strength, they are frequently quite expensive, making it difficult for you to purchase one without spending your entire paycheck. While more colourful diamonds are attractive, they aren’t as intriguing as the more distinctive and vivid stones on the list, despite their beauty.