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What Is Different About a Singapore Preschool

The educational journey of Singapore’s preschool started in 2000 and is still evolving quickly. Also, they have modified the quality of education entirely in the last few years. By developing their rules and regulations, Singapore preschools have drastically improved the execution of new educational agendas.


An Overview of a Singapore preschool


In Singapore, preschool education comprises education for two months to six years. Parents of more than 95 percent of kids aged four to six enrol their kids’ names in 490 Singapore’s kindergartens.


Singapore international preschools offer nursery education for four-year-olds, kindergarten 1 for five-year-olds, and kindergarten 2 for six-year-olds. Also, Singapore childcare units take responsibility for the preschooling of every kid.


Achieve Higher Excellence in an International school in Singapore


Singapore Preschool teaches students and their parents the importance of high-standard education in developing the foundation of a child. It helps kids to grow and get prepared for lifelong achievements.


Globalization and economic advancement bring competition and all improvement. But, some factors are behind the enhanced economy and globalization, including excellent communicative power, information technologies, enriched knowledge, and social up-gradation.


Education enables kids to distinguish between the good and wrong sides of life and prioritize positive attitudes, collective information, and the proper learning process. These all create a promising economic ground and social environment. So, Singapore Preschool teaches students to get intelligent and have the potential to make a positive future through a continuous process of learning skills and curriculum activities.  


Benefits of the Singapore Preschool


Here we have listed down some significant benefits that a student earns from an International School of Singapore:


  • Understanding the positive and negative sides of life 
  • Willingness to interact, share knowledge, and be empathetic to others
  • Enhancement of the curiosity to explore
  • Ability to maintain a healthy physical condition through proper diet and meditation
  • Growing up with a positive attitude to all close ones and even strangers
  • Learning to be social and a give a helpful hand when necessary


Preschools Enrollment Income Threshold


Singapore preschool provides a subsidy to all Singapore citizens and their kids. Here, the earning threshold of parents needed to enrol children in Singapore childcare and infant care units is $12,000 per annum. Under this income measure, no citizen can avail of this supportive subsidy facility.


Facility of Enrollment


Parents can book a year in advance for their children’s education in Singapore childcare institutes and preschools per your convenient start date. Also, you can book your child’s seat in ten schools at a time.


Additionally, many preschools offer excursion and exploration tours from school so that parents can collect forms for that. Also, the payment mode of fees follows four milestones along with a security deposit, which is refundable.


Right Age Of Getting Enrolled


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determines the age range of preschool enrolment. They have decided the age rule for children of three to five years. But, still, there is no mandatory age rule for getting admission, as an International School of Singapore accepts students at three years of age, while others only take children under four years. 


Unique And Promising


A concrete and global-standard community gives students a warm ambiance to grow up with all dedicated and influential teaching staff. Besides this, effective educational platforms, active learning processes, and fun-loving activities help students to move forward with better perspectives.


About Fees


Those who get citizenship must pay 171$ for their children’s enrollment, whereas permanent residents need to pay 256$. But Singapore Preschool charges foreign parents 342$, which is quite affordable for them. Some parents say it is expensive, but when you get something unique, inventive, and well-developed, it automatically becomes pricey. 


 A Word of Awareness

Often, parents overlook the growing stages of their children with some unique skills and potential. These evolved skills should be noticed and recognized as it helps kids to flourish.

Inexperienced persons can’t imprecate the changes of a child through their transition period, and mistakenly, they force their kids to go beyond their interests and limitations. It can cause permanent damage to the foundation of a child. Preschool works on this point and makes parents aware of their children’s growth through specific phases. 


Ending Anaemia!


Preschool makes parents know enough about their toddlers’ nutrition and healthcare. On this note, Singapore has started a campaign and awareness projects to fight against anaemia, unhealthy eating habits, iron scarcity, and other alarming issues for children three to four years of age.


Many Singapore preschools collaborate with reputed Paediatricians to organise classes to give lectures on the goodness of healthy living. Also, these schools provide a gym for working out and daily health checks, such as; intimate body parts and oral hygiene, audiology, ENT, and eye checkups. Additionally, students benefit from classes and learn about healthy meals they should eat.




The above points ensure that Singapore Preschool is the best way to an inventive, communicative, and competitive education. These schools work on students’ fundamental knowledge, critical thinking, socio-economic values, and interactive attitude toward others. Moreover, Singapore Preschools teach students to prepare for future endeavors.