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Valley of Flowers Trek: Best Monsoon Trek in India


Valley Of Flowers Trek is extremely vast, furnished with no way – ending meadows and was declared a public demesne in 1982. Now it’s a World Heritage Site. Altitude is – 12140 bases If you didn’t know It’s home to exposed species and rare creatures. From the Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, musk bear, brown bear to red fox and blue lamb and indeed catcalls, you will also find high altitude catcalls like Himalayan Monal Pheasant suppose of the days when your eyes fused to one of the most fascinating denes of Uttarakhand, India during the rainy season 

The valley not only is drinking you with flowers but on the way get to witness huge couloir and small aqueducts flowing by. After hours of laborious trekking, your heart will skip a beat, and the enthusiasm is stimulating ” smash ” there goes the vast endless drop-dead gorgeous, exquisite vale. The feeling is so compelling and sensational. This will remind of those hours how one has plodded to come also just to witness this magic which can melt anyone’s heart. 

 About Valley Of Flowers Trek 

A numerous hours of travelling would be slightly delicate, but once you reach the vale you will forget about everything. Watch the rise of the moon around  Night, leered at the stars shimmering millions of light- times down with your musketeers and family by lying inside the roof. see the different kinds of flowers. This would be a treat to travel eyes, as you witness the different types of Himalayan flowers. important significance and adorned with a diversity of Alpine flowers, representative of the Western Himalayan Alpine shrub and meadow ecoregion. The vale is also blessed with various colors of Flowers, taking on different tones of colors as time advanced. Brahma Kamal is one of the most notorious.

 The Floral Dreamland! 

 Enter the godly vale and various heaven “ Valley of Flowers ”, its impeccable beauty is enough to leave you speechless because the carpeted alpine flowers spreading their magical scents together make the vale more like a dreamland. also, it’s believed that from also Lord Hanuman collected Sanjeevani Buti to cure Laxman and according to the original beliefs, this vale was inhabited by brownies. No wonder, it’s a fairyland. 

 So, the prominent flowers which can be seen then are – Blue Poppy, Dog flower, Hooked stick seed, Snake antipode, Meadow Geranium, and Himalayan Rose. In Short, the peak months to visit Valley of Flowers are July and August. So, do not miss the journey this monsoon! 

 The Monsoon Valley of flowers Trek? 

Valley of flowers trip is as good as it’s said, you also need to be prepared., Valley of flowers trip is a Easy moderate trip which starts from Govind ghat and ends after trip same point, 

 So what are the special effects to keep in mind before coming on this trip? 

 monsoon Season 

  •  During the thunderstorm season, it rains sometimes during the Valley of flowers Trek, especially in the Uttarakhand Himalayas, so if you have dry clothes also, it’s truly good, indeed when wet, it dries snappily. 
  • At this time you have to bring at least 3 dyads of clothes, for thunderstorm trip you do not have to bring too warm clothes, at this time you, hiking pants and t-Start, I can trip 
  •  Before going on any trip, it will be easy for you to take information related to each season. 
  •  Climbers need to know about these, you can ask us anytime like, trip route, trip map, temperature, downfall condition, difficulty position, trip starting point, end point, transport, view of the trip, stylish time to visit, How to reach, trip distance etc, Trek Location, keep this information before going 

ATM Point 

 Before starting the trip to Valley of the trip, make sure that you need payments, and also take out the cash on the way, Joshimath, the request is the last place where you can withdraw cash from ATM,( If you want to withdraw capitalist also do it in Haridwar or Rishikesh.) 

 Mobile Connectivity 

 The phone does not work well on vale of flowers trip. insure that you do not have to make any important calls. So make sure finish all your important work and calls before starting the trip. Last Joshimath or Govindghat, your device will admit good networks. JIO only  Hemkund Sahib ji During the Trek. 

 safety in the trip 

  •  Whenever you are going for any trip, it’s truly important that you go completely fit and ready. 
  •  Valley of flowers trip is Moderate, if you make your bases and your mind calm and strong, you will find the trip truly easy. 
  •  While touring, keep in mind that you are walking on the right route or not always with your companion. 
  •  Utmost people look nearly and where they are walking, this can beget jouncing in your legs, which can ruin your entire trip. 
  •  It’s important to ask your croaker
  •  if you have any medical problems 
  •  I should always keep my medical tackle with me, it’s truly important. 
  •  still, also they are brought back to the base camp by laying them in the stretcher, If any climbers have any farther problems.