Truck Backloads Services and Haulage Backloads Services

What is Truckslife, and how does it work?

Truckslife is a platform that connects haulage service providers with customers who need haulage services, including truck backloads and haulage backloads services. The platform is designed to make it easy for customers to find reputable service providers who offer cost-efficient haulage services.

To use the platform, customers can search for available haulage loads or backloads using the website or mobile app. They can tailor their searches to specific vehicle details, distance from their location, and available times. A list of available loads or vehicles will be displayed with “View Details,” showing a map of the route and load or vehicle details. Customers can then place a bid on any they are interested in, and once their bid is accepted, the owner of the haulage loads or backloads will contact them directly to arrange pickup.

For haulage service providers, Truckslife offers a free platform to advertise and promote their services, connect with potential customers, and improve their visibility and market presence. The platform features a modern advertising platform, ease of use, instant advert email confirmation, and supporting invoicing issued, easy editing, advert counter, multiple currencies and delivery options, and web site or app to add adverts.

To advertise their services, haulage service providers can select the required price plan, either on a “One Off” basis (Standard Plan) and “pay as you go” or on a “Monthly” basis (Professional Plan) where they pay monthly for any number of adverts continually running. Once an advert has expired, they can replace it with another. Advertising haulage loads or backloads is easy, requiring only the location and delivery details, the load or vehicle information, and photographs of the load. Once the advert is published, the haulier can view all the bids that have been placed and select one that suits them and then contact the customer to arrange pickup.

How do I use Truckslife to find haulage services?

You can use the Truckslife website or mobile app to search for haulage loads or haulage backloads. Simply enter the location, vehicle details, and other required information to view available options. You can then place a bid on any load or vehicle you’re interested in.

Can I advertise my haulage services on Truckslife?

Yes, Truckslife provides a platform for haulage service providers to advertise their services and connect with potential customers. You can choose from free or paid plans to advertise your services.

Is Truckslife available only in the UK?

No, Truckslife is available for haulage service providers and customers across Europe.


Truckslife is a fast-growing online platform dedicated to the trucking and haulage business. It provides a convenient way for customers to find cost-efficient haulage services like haulage backloads or truck backloads. Haulage service providers can also advertise their services on the platform to connect with potential customers and improve their market presence. With a user-friendly interface and helpful support team, Truckslife is a reliable and efficient way to find or advertise haulage services.

Truckslife is a platform dedicated to the trucking and haulage business in the UK and Europe. It provides a convenient online platform and mobile app where customers can connect with reputable companies and individuals offering cost-efficient Haulage services like haulage loads, truck loads, haulage backloads, and truck backloads. The process is easy to use and comprehensive, allowing customers to tailor their searches to the required distance, available times, and specific vehicle details or load carrying capability. For haulage service providers, advertising their services at Truckslife will help them improve their visibility and market presence and connect with potential customers specifically looking for haulage loads, truck loads, or haulage backloads and truck backloads services. The advertising process is easy, free, and commission-only charged when sold, with targeted audiences from the haulage, transport, and logistics industry. Truckslife offers unique features such as modern advertising platforms, ease of use, instant advert email confirmation, 24/7 free editing and amending of individual adverts, advert counter, and multiple currencies and delivery options. By advertising their services at Truckslife, haulage service providers can sell more and maximize their profits on haulage loads, truck loads, haulage backloads, and truck backloads services.