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Things You Should Know about Saw Cut off Machines & Procedures

Tube fabricating machinery is all about to machinery that either bends, cuts, or even forms tubes and pipes into diverse types of shapes and sizes permanently. Such are the machines that work tubes constructed from materials having high level of ductility as well as malleability like stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, brass, and even titanium. Most of the tube forming techniques are somewhat metal coldworking processes. You can check out Friction Tube Cutting Machine that can help you cutting the tubes in the perfect and flawless manner.

For your understanding, you should know that several types of machines are there that transform blank straight tubes into more useful and effective tubes. Each type modifies the overall geometry of a straight tube differently and even typically involves material deformation. There are endless applications of formed tubes.

Tube cutting 

Now, you know Tube cutting machinery is a category or area of tube forming machines that either reduce or even divide the length of the tube or even eradicate some of the tubing material by cutting. Tube cutting is mostly an intermediate step for other fabrication procedures. Have a look at some of the tube cutting machinery is given below:

Cold Saw Machines

A cold saw machine makes use of a circular toothed blade to cut the tube at a particular length. The blade can be a somewhat solid high-speed steel (HSS) or even a tungsten carbide-tipped (TCT) blade. It is powered by an electric motor so as to it to rotate. A coolant gets sprayed on the cutting section of the tube. Cold saw machines produce minimal friction and heat during the time of cutting; hence, they have longer type of blade life.

Band Saw type of Machines

In the realm of band saw machines, the toothed blade gets made from a band of thin, sharp metal. The blade simply rotates around two wheels and is constantly cycled in one direction. The arrangement of the wheels decide the orientation of the cutting plane that can be horizontal or vertical. The tube gets placed on the bed of the band saw machine and even is fed towards the blade. Band saw machines are somewhat perfect for large volume production. They can cut tubes with diverse cross-sections. However, they are even not apt for thin-wall tubes.

Supported Shear Cutting type of Machines

Supported shear cutting machines make use of a set of internal punches and even external dies. The stationary and movable punches get inserted into the tube. The punches endorses the tube within during the time of cutting. The tube is then simply fastened into the external dies, that are composed of stationary and movable dies. The movable punch and die move to simply apply shear force and cut on the portion between the stationary and even movable punches and dies.

Dual Blade type of Shear Cutting Machines

Dual blade type of shear cutting machines are used to cut carbon steel and even alloy steel tubes and remove the dimple that gets produced by a single blade cutting machine. In such types of machines, a horizontal blade generates an initial scarfing cut on the side of the tube then the vertical blade goes on the cut from the formed notch. The tube gets clamped tightly by a set of tooling during the procedure.

Rotary type of Cutting Machines

In rotary cutting machines, the tube rests on two backup rollers, and even the rotating blade is fed from the top and even descends to cut the tube.

Lathe type of Cutting Machines

In lathe type of cutting machines, the tube gets fed through a chuck-type clamping mechanism. This mechanism simply rotates the tube and even feeds it to the cutting tools. Another set-up features a stationary tube simply with the rotating cutting tools surrounding and cutting the tube.

Laser Cutting type of Machines

Laser cutting type of machines use high-energy solid-state or even CO2 lasers to melt the tubing material. This cuts the overall tube into the desired length swiftly.

A sawing machine in brief 

The circular sawing procedure gets performed by rotating a blade that can be operated horizontally or even vertically or at a particular suitable angle. A sawing machine is a simple device for cutting a material bar or cutting the shape of a type of circular material plate. Cutting tools for sawing machines can be really forked into several types, thin metal discs having teeth at the edges, thin metal blades, or even flexible belts with teeth at the edges, and thin grinding wheels. These tools can all own the function of sawing. Sawing can be forked into friction-created melting, grinding, or even cutting.

Due to the inflexibility of the machine and the cutting blade, the circular sawing process is somewhat highly accurate. The circular sawing procedure is the one that produces a burr-free type of surface that diminishes the need for secondary precision machining.

Remember that the commonest used material like steel, aluminium, brass, even plastics etc. Are available in standard sizes as well as shapes. But before the metal gets presented to a machine tool it is generally cut to some specified length and operation of cutting is most of the times performed by sawing. Therefore, metal sawing is mainly concerned with cutting bar-stock to convenient length for overall machining.

It is absolutely important that the designer should know and consider the standard sizes before simply completing his dimensions of the part to be designed. In many instances of design, a part size can get altered slightly in dimension so as to use a standard stock size and save money. Knowing the outcomes variations in size of work resulting from the various sawing machines may be a critical part of good designing.


To sum up, since you have a fair idea about the friction tube cutting and other sawing machines and procedures; you should choose the right machines only. You can speak with the Friction Saw Cut off machine manufacturer in detail and ensure that you convey them your needs so as to choose the right machine and tools.