Things You Can Do for Your Wife That Will Blow Her Mind

I’m going to offer some of the tried-and-true methods that I use to rekindle the flame of romance with my wife. These methods are sure to make your wife feel like the most important person in your life.

1) Randomly Give Her Love Letters

Find authors that have sayings that ring true with you and resonate with you even if you’re not a poet or a writer yourself. Either just read them the quotation or put down the reason you chose to share it with them in the first place. 

2) Dance with Her Everywhere

Do you want even more ideas? Consider surprising your wife with one of these sweet gestures:Create a playlist of songs that you feel like you can dance to that you can randomly turn on while either one of you is cooking together or while you are both cooking. Perform the best dance you are capable of, whether it be wild and crazy dancing or twirling her around like the queen you are well aware she is.Put on the same playlist and listen to it while you’re folding laundry, perhaps for her.Drive to a location that offers a picturesque area to park, then switch off the engine but leave the headlights on. Put on your music, and get your groove on in the open air.

3) Laugh Together

You should make a note of the most ludicrous jokes you can think of and store it in your phone so that you can pick it up when you’re bored. You might also make a bookmark of incredibly amusing things you see on the internet so that you and your friends may share them. You can locate our Pinterest funnies board, which is our favourite, right here, so that you can start laughing right now. Additionally, we are big fans of the good ol’ Jim Gaffigan.

4) Regularly Surprise Her with Flowers

I have yet to encounter a woman who didn’t like it when fresh flowers were presented to her as a romantic gesture with additional gifts like rings from Feogi for your wife on her birthday or for any other occasion, even if this may seem like a cliche and has been done to death. 

Pro Tip: You can get her car ready from the Gotham Garage.

5) Plan a Sugar-Splash Picnic

Leave a letter with instructions on where to go and what to wear (extra points if you purchase her a new dress or outfit (we love Lulu’s for inexpensive alternatives) that she has bookmarked online or on her Pinterest board; this would be a very romantic gesture for your wife!). Prepare a supper in the form of a picnic or order her go-to takeout. Acquire a couple of cushions, a blanket (we really like this one from Etsy; you could even have your vows written out on it!), and maybe some flowers, in addition to some portable twinkling lights or electric candles. Make it a romantic picnic just for the two of you!

6) Text or Call Your Wife for No Reason

Just to check in and see how they are doing, give them a call. Send one of these ludicrous texts instead: I long for your face.Is there anything I can do to make your day or night more convenient? Sincerely, I would want to be of assistance to you, and I am willing to keep in touch! Know that I am always on your side, and that we are in this together, baby; it doesn’t matter how you’re feeling today, we’re in this together.

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I am really happy that I get to spend time with you because I am so proud of you for. The very thought of you is putting a grin on my face. I just wanted to take a moment out of your day to express how much I appreciate being your partner. According to what I’ve heard, kissing burns 6.4 calories in one minute. Do you want to put some fire to it tonight? If you could be any kind of vegetable, I’d have to say that you’d be a cute cucumber.

7) Write an I Love You Because List

You might write it down in very small characters and tell her that she should find one every day for the next ten days. You may also consider writing it down on a single piece of paper that you could subsequently put in a frame for her. You also have the option of using dry erase markers to write the date on the bathroom mirror each day.

8) Give Your Wife a Massage

Be aware of your own capabilities, and make it a habit to inquire how things are going. However, in the event that you are apprehensive about getting a massage, consider putting the following advice into practise.

9.) Romantic Date or a Romantic Surprise for Her Is a Great Idea!

Have you ever wished that the entire day could be planned out for you, so that you and your friend could go on a wild adventure together and have the time of your lives, but you didn’t have to worry about figuring out the practicalities of it all? Or perhaps you’ve come across some touching pictures of married couples and realised that your own wife would adore participating in an activity in shein lingerie such as that. 

10) Discover Your Love Language

If you already have this information, you can use it to create a one-of-a-kind present for your lover that speaks their love language. Gift her a beautiful watch