The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek – The Best Lake Trekking in India

Whether you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life in the city or you just want to enjoy the stunning scenery of one of India’s most beautiful states, the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is the perfect choice for your trip. This lake trek will take you through several scenic lakes such as Lake Satopanth, Lake Pang, and more all while experiencing some of Kashmir’s most breathtaking views at every step of your journey. And since this amazing journey takes only five days in total, there’s no reason not to go!


The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek (KGLT) brings you to some of the most beautiful and serene spots in Jammu and Kashmir, India. Starting from Srinagar, the largest city in Jammu and Kashmir, KGLT takes you to the life-changing Gulmarg Lake, then moves on to Pahalgam, famous for its vast meadows and snow-capped mountains in the backdrop.


If you’re considering doing a trip around the lakes in Kashmir, you may be wondering which of these treks are best, whether you should choose an itinerary that takes you to all three lakes or just focuses on one, and if there are any hidden gems among the myriad routes available to you. In order to help you answer these questions and make the most of your time in this beautiful region, we’ve laid out what we think are the best Lake treks in Kashmir below.



Begin your trek by boarding a flight to Srinagar, the capital of Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir. Once you arrive, head to Gulmarg, the second largest ski resort in Asia and one of the most popular among tourists. Keep your eyes peeled for flights of Himalayan black-necked cranes flying overhead as you make your way from Gulmarg back to Srinagar.


When to Visit

If you’re looking for a great place to visit that doesn’t have too many tourists, then head on over to the Jammu and Kashmir region of Northern India. With its gorgeous lakes, temples, forests and villages, this area is perfect for exploring on foot.



Kashmir is one of the most beautiful and scenic regions of India. It’s home to some of the highest mountain ranges, lakes, and cultural diversity. One thing that sets it apart from other regions is its lakes.


What to Expect

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is a full day’s walk that gives you the opportunity to explore the beauty of Srinagar and its surroundings. From Dal Lake, where you can enjoy boat rides and take photos, to the Mughal gardens on Nishat Bagh, this is an all-inclusive journey that will give you a true taste of Indian culture. 

Start your day with breakfast at Lalit Grand Palace’s Restaurants before meeting your guide for the morning at 9 am. You’ll head out into downtown Srinagar and see Lal Chowk, an ancient bazaar that was once known as ‘the heart of Srinagar’, before heading to Nishat Bagh.


How to Prepare

  1. Plan the route and logistics before you start the trek. 
  2. Be prepared for a challenge and change of scenery, weather, elevation, and time zone. 
  3. Bring your medications with you just in case something happens to your health on the trek and there is no doctor or hospital nearby. 
  4. Hire a local guide who knows the region well to help navigate you safely through the mountains with one of their team members as a porter to carry your gear when needed (or bring an extra set of clothes). 
  5. Make sure that if there are any groups on your trip, they are compatible with each other so that there won’t be any major problems on the hike to spoil it for everyone else.


Tips for Success

If you’re looking to explore the natural beauty of the Indian Himalayas, then a trekking adventure is just what you need. But before you take off on your journey, there are a few things you should know.

Check with your doctor to see if this is an appropriate activity for you. You should be physically fit and not have any heart problems or respiratory illnesses before starting a trek like this one.



Kashmir is a place of incredible natural beauty. It is the perfect destination for a family vacation and it will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. We hope this blog post has helped you decide whether or not this trip is for you, but we also hope that if you do go, it will help make your trip memorable and enjoyable. This was our experience and by no means should be taken as the definitive way to explore Kashmir, but we wanted to share what worked for us.