The Amazing North Goa City Tour You Won’t Want to Miss

If you’re looking to explore one of the most beautiful cities in India, look no further than the North Goa City Tour. This city has been around since nearly 500 years ago, and it hasn’t changed much since then – except for the introduction of new shops, restaurants, and hotels that continue to make this city more and more popular with tourists every year. This tour you can book from banbanjara will take you on a journey through some of the most beautiful parts of this amazing city, including stops at beaches along the shoreline that are known as some of the best in the world.



There are many sightseeing attractions and popular holiday destinations that you can visit while on a North Goa city tour. Some of them are as follows: Tito’s Wine Bar, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Miramar Beach, etc. When you have your North Goa tour with us at Trivago, you will see that we have arranged for you not only an amazing cab driver but also an experienced guide who will tell you about these places as well as other important information about the places and their surroundings. With our North Goa tour package, you do not have to think about anything except relaxing. In fact, what is more important than anything else in your vacation is rest and relaxation from work or other daily activities; so let us arrange it for you!


Popular Destinations in India

India has been a popular tourist destination for decades, if not centuries. While tourists from other countries have known about and visited India for quite some time, most Indians are just now getting their chance to explore it themselves. North Goa is one of those areas of India that has recently become popular with tourists and it’s quickly growing in popularity each year. If you want to visit North Goa, you will not want to miss out on any of these amazing attractions during your stay there.


Dona Paula, Panjim

This small but interesting part of North Goa houses a beautiful chapel, built in memory of a mother’s loss. The Don Juan Manuel Chapel was built in honor of King Dom Joao VI who lost his wife while she was en route from Portugal to Brazil. It is open for public viewing, and is well worth taking a look at when you’re out and about on your next North Goa City Tour. Located right on the Mandovi River, it offers gorgeous views of Panjim and its surroundings. If you are lucky enough to visit during mass (Sunday mornings), don’t miss hearing some excellent music performed by local artists. Afterward, be sure to grab lunch at Cafe Demel—the only place that serves food inside Dona Paula Fort.


Ponda Fort & Chandor Church

The Ponda Fort & Chandor Church are located in Ponda, Goa. These two historic sites make for a fascinating walk back in time and provide breathtaking views of the north Goan countryside. Learn about India’s rich history as you walk through these ruins that date back centuries. From here, you can also visit Vasco Museum – one of India’s oldest museums that features artifacts from ancient civilizations.


Miramar Beach & Cavelossim Beach

Located only a few kilometers away from each other, Miramar and Cavelossim are two of Goa’s most picturesque beaches. Known for their immaculate white sands and crystal clear waters, both offer water sports like swimming, kayaking, and boating. While Miramar Beach is ideal for day trips, Cavelossim is more suited to people looking for a relaxing weekend vacation.


Mardi & Torda Beach

Located 7 kilometers from Panjim, Mardi & Torda beaches are two of Goa’s most popular destinations for relaxing and enjoying pristine white sand and calm blue waters. If you’re looking for a peaceful place with stunning natural beauty, make sure you check out these beachfronts. With frequent offers on hotel booking in Panjim, it has never been easier to enjoy your vacation in a more budget-friendly way.


Margao Market

For many tourists, Margao is where they go to find all their essentials. The neighborhood hosts most of Goa’s small shops, including grocery stores, tailors and furniture sellers. Don’t forget to visit Margo’s Saturday Market, which is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables sold by local farmers. This market is a great place for souvenir hunters—pick up some handcrafted silver jewelry or sandalwood oil.


Betalbatim Beach

One of Goa’s best kept secrets, Betalbatim beach is also one of its most beautiful and breathtaking. With a scenic view of lush green hills on one side and silvery blue waters on another, Betalbatim beach presents an enchanting sight. It’s definitely a must-visit while in North Goa.