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Strategies for Improving the Research Skills of the Students of the Best High School under CBSE Curriculum

Research is a critical skill that can be developed by students. The best high school students should learn the skills to research, analyze and write about the results obtained from the research conducted by them. The mentor of the student plays an important role in this process. He provides guidance to his mentees on how they can develop their skills as researchers.


Background of High School Students

The best high school students should be aware of the importance of research. They should also be aware of the different stages of research and its process in general, as well as its skill set required for successful completion.


Process of Research

Research is a process and it involves several stages. Under the CBSE Curriculum, the first stage is planning the research work, in which you should decide on the objectives of your study, identify relevant variables, and develop hypotheses for testing. 

The second stage involves implementing your hypothesis with data collection tools like questionnaires or interviews etc., using them to collect information from respondents who have been selected based on their response rate and reliability criteria etc., maintaining constant communication with them throughout this proces.

So that they can provide accurate answers regarding their opinions regarding various topics related to your topic area without any biases or prejudices towards any parties involved in such studies due to inherent racial discrimination within society today where people tend not only discriminate against others based upon their race but also create stereotypes about certain groups (i.e., immigrants) which may lead us into making assumptions about negative behaviours towards these individuals due simply because they look different than us.”.

The Skill Set

The skill set is important in the students’ life. It helps them to learn more and improve their knowledge. Research skills are a must for all the students who want to get good marks in competitive exams.

Stages of Research Work

The research process is divided into five stages. The first stage is the selection of a topic. This can be done through brainstorming or by choosing one out of many possible topics that have been suggested by others. 

In the second stage, you collect information and materials related to your chosen topic. This may include interviews with experts on your chosen subject matter, reading books and articles related to it, etcetera. 

In third stage, you analyze what has been collected so far as well as gather more data from other sources (eBooks) if necessary for further analysis in fourth stage where you write down all findings into written reports which will later be presented at conferences/conferences held abroad or locally depending upon whether India has signed up treaties with other countries like USA etcetera before presenting them back home again next year after completing four years’ worth grade eleven curriculum under CBSE curriculum.

1. Planning the Research Work

Planning the research work should be done in a systematic manner. The research work should be planned in a way that it is possible to complete the work within the given time frame and obtain relevant information from various sources.

2. Implementation of the Research Process

The research process is a continuous process. It requires a series of stages to be followed, which are as follows:

  • The planning
  • The implementation
  • The reporting

3. Writing a report on the results obtained

  • You are required to write a report on the results obtained.
  • The report should be written in a professional manner and free of grammatical errors, spelling errors and punctuation errors.



The students should always keep in mind that research work is an important part of the education and it will help them to prepare for their future. The mentors are always there to guide them and provide them with the necessary information that they need. By following these instructions, you can easily get good results in your research.