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Step by step Instructions on How to Draw Elsa Easily

How to Draw Elsa. Frozen is one of the latest films to be released by the mighty Disney Studios, but despite being relatively new, it’s still firmly established as a modern classic.

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This wonderful film centered around sisters Anna and Elsa has seen a sequel and many more adaptations in virtually every possible medium.

Elsa’s amazing ice powers amaze viewers, and she is a favorite character for many. Drawing Elsa is a great way to portray this icy yet thoughtful character. If you love this character, too, this should be the perfect tutorial!

How to Draw Elsa

Step 1

In this first step of our tutorial on how to draw Elsa, we’ll start by outlining the face and hair of this character.

First, use a smooth, curved line to outline her face. You can also add her ears with smaller curved lines on the side of her face.

For her hair, we will use a lot more curved lines connecting. Her hair is pinned up, and its styling makes it look divided into sections.

Then you can continue with step 2 of the instructions to Draw Elsa!

Step 2

You will draw her facial expression in this second step of your Elsa drawing. He’s quite a serious and sarcastic character, and that is reflected in his facial expressions.

Its eyes are large and rounded, with sharp spikes at either end. So there will be lines on it to make it look like her lids are a little limp.

You can even draw some subtle curved shapes on it for her brows! Finally, use some simple lines for the nose and a slightly smiling mouth before continuing to Draw Elsa.

Step 3

Next, in this tutorial on how to draw Elsa, we’ll add her neck and the beginning of her thick hair braids.

For the nape and shoulders, extend a few simple curved lines from the base of the head.

The hair braid can be tricky, so it might be something you’ll want to replicate exactly with our reference image!

It is drawn with a few curved lines that come together to form individual twisted sections of hair.

There will be a space below, but we’ll add that soon to Draw Elsa!

Step 4

Before we get into the final details of your Elsa drawing, let’s finish the outline for the rest of this portrait.

First, extend a few simple lines from your neck and shoulders to draw your upper chest and arms. Then you can finish this step by adding the pointed end of her braid hanging down.

Once you’ve drawn these aspects, you’ll be ready for the final details as we move on to step 5 of the guide!

Step 5

You’ll soon be able to add some color to this rendition of this classic character. Before that, we’ll add a few final touches to bring this image to life!

Draw Elsa

These details will be mostly in her hair, and you can draw many curved lines through her parts.

This will help her hair consist of many individual strands.

Then we’ll draw some cute flowers on her hair to finish it off. Feel free to add more details or ideas to this image before we continue!

One idea would be to tempt more of her body, but you could even draw a location.

This way, you can show off your favorite scene from the movie or create a new scenario for Elsa to Draw Elsa!

Step 6

This character has some ice-related powers, and his color scheme reflects his colder side of him.

Elsa Drawing

We chose the colors she was seen in during her first film appearance for our sample image of this Elsa drawing, and you can also use that as a sample if you’d like!

For Elsa, we used light shades of yellow for her hair and soft shades of blue for her dress.

If you paint them, you should use watercolors to give the colors a fresher look, but you could use many great mediums!

Your Elsa Drawing is Finished!