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Step by step Instructions How to Draw The Titanic Easily

How to Draw The Titanic. The descent of the Titanic is deemed one of the deadliest ship disasters.

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Due to a cult film and countless other media appearances, it is probably the most famous shipwreck.

She was also a feat of engineering at the time and one of the most beautiful ships ever built.

Many fans of this famous vessel enjoy imagining what could happen if it had not sunk, learning to draw the Titanic. Read on if you also love this ship and want to learn about it!

How to Draw The Titanic

Step 1

There will be many small details to draw in this guide to drawing the Titanic. Don’t worry; we will do it slowly during these steps.

For this first step, we’ll start at the ship’s show. The front of a ship is named the bow, so let’s call it that from now on to keep the maritime theme alive!

You can draw a straightforward vertical stripe for the front of the loop and then draw a small triangle on the top left.

Next, let’s draw a horizontal line starting straight from the top of this line. There will also be a thick line protruding from the outline of the arch.

This will be the first of the ship masts, and we will complete them later in this guide.

Step 2

In this double part of your Titanic illustration, we will create the side of the ship, called the hull, and the top part, where the bridge and other areas were located.

Let the lines run backward at the front of the ship, and then draw some vertical lines to add height to the ship’s deck.

Once you’ve seen it in our reference image, we’re ready to continue navigating this guide!

Step 3

We will finish the ship’s outline in this third part of our guide on drawing the Titanic.

First, you can draw a series of vertical lines along the front and side of the deck section you drew earlier. Then you can draw some points and small details leading to the ship’s bow.

Then you can draw a cylindrical shape on the top of the ship for the first of the funnels. This chimney will also have a line through it near the top.

Finally, draw the bottom of the ship with curved lines for this step. This completes the main ship profile!

Step 4

You’ve already drawn a funnel for the ship, and we’ll add three more.

They look very similar to what you’ve already drawn, but as you can see in the reference image, they get shorter and shorter over time.

Next, we draw small dots along the ship’s hull for additional detail. Your drawing of the Titanic is already looking great, and in the next step, we’ll finish with some final touches!

Step 5

It’s almost time to add some color to your image, but first, we need to add some final details. One of the main aspects we will draw will be the cables falling from the tops of the two trees.

Extend a few curved lines near the treetops toward the deck to do this. We will do this for both waves, as shown in the reference image.

Then you can finish by adding horizontal lines along the ship’s side to complete the details. This will finish this drawing, but there are some additional details you could draw!

Some examples would be the drawing of the ocean breaking in front of the ship or some additional details in the background.

You could draw some icebergs in the background to hint at what’s coming next for a spooky touch.

Step 6

Its black and red color scheme characterized the Titanic, and that’s what we’re going to recreate in this phase of your drawing of the Titanic.

As shown in the reference image, we used some black, dark gray, and red tones, but we also included some brown and beige tones.

This will give you a starting point if you keep the color scheme true to the actual ship.

When coloring an image with many intricate details, using media that offer high fidelity can be helpful.

Some examples are fine-tipped pens, crayons, or brushes.

Your Titanic Drawing is Finished!