Showcase ways to use wall mirrors to add style and interest to a room


Wall mirror is the best buddy of an interior designer. And not without cause! Mirrors may be used in a variety of ways by interior designers. Designers may utilise mirrors, framed interestingly, to modify the look of dreary corners or plain corridors, in addition to the obvious (and most mundane) usage as something to check your appearance.

Mirrors may be strategically placed around the home to improve the décor while also informing you that you look lovely every day. Decorative mirrors may create a wacky, traditional, or futuristic vibe in every space of your house, depending on how they are utilised.

Decorative wall mirrors offer beauty and practicality when bought and set with care. In other words, they may contribute to the unification of a space while also adding flair and establishing balance. Mirrors inject positive energy into a space, boosting its attractiveness, creating a statement, and improving illumination in poorly lit places. Please look at our list of creative ways to utilise wall mirrors to add flair and intrigue to a space.

1. Clustered Decorative Wall Mirrors

Do you wish to bring nature’s goodness into your dining room? This beautiful wall mirror Ikea set with clustered wooden frames seems earthy, rustic, and abstract. Even one of them will stand out in the room. A basic wooden sideboard, a few green potted plants, and lots of natural light will round out the room.

2. In Tight Spaces, Place a Wall mirror Behind Furniture

Mirrors above the couch, behind a pair of chairs, or a console table may visually open up a tiny living space. This wall mirror full length behind the accent chairs expands and opens the space. It will work whether your room is 20′ or 12′ wide. It doubles the size of the room. Position the wall mirror behind a light source such as a lamp, floor lamp, or sconce. 

3. Use a Mirror to Balance Off-Center Windows

Make a “window” next to a single real window to provide balance or to anchor a piece of furniture. This is how you achieve symmetry in a space with asymmetrical windows.

If you own a tiny farmhouse over 100 years old, you will undoubtedly connect to architectural aspects that do not make sense for our lives today.

4. Install Mirrors on the Backs of Shelves or Cabinets with Glass Doors

Installing shelves with mirrors on the back may be an intriguing approach to create depth or reflect light in unusual ways.

This built-in in the living room illustrates how a mirrored back can provide interest and depth.

Assume the shelves are ten inches deep. When you put a wall mirror on the back, they suddenly seem 20″ deep. They have a lot more space than they have. It’s an optical illusion that works like crazy!

5. Create a Focal Wall Using a Custom Mirror

Instead of wallpapering or painting a focal wall colour, hang a mirror and put living room furniture in front. Treat the wall like any other; the mirror will make the room seem bigger.

The minor antiquing of the mirror, loss of silver, or whatever decoration they did to make the glass seem smokey intensify this illusion.

It reflects without being too much and adds much interest to the area.

6. Make A Gallery Wall Out of Mirrors of Various Sizes and Shapes

This concept is ideal for a bohemian style, reflecting light and providing depth to a room. Mirror gallery wall ideas and inspiration may be found on Pinterest and Google, and there are unlimited options for creating a design that suits your taste.

This grouping has a typical bohemian vibe, but with alternative frame types, you may also have a contemporary or industrial vibe.

7. Make Use of Mirrored Furniture

Large furniture items seem clunky and overwhelming in a tiny living space. The problem is that we all need those bigger parts. It may be a big media console or a massive coffee table that you cannot live without…

Consider acquiring a mirrored sideboard to use as a media console or a mirrored parsons table to use as a couch table or small workstation if you require a big piece of furniture.

8. Use Large Leaner Mirrors to Flank a Fireplace In a Small Living Room

There’s just one word to describe how this wall mirror decoration will appear: dramatic! We don’t intend it in a bad sense; on the contrary. If your little living room is small and boxy, this will make it seem longer and roomier.

The mirrors will give the impression that the fireplace is in the middle of the room and that the space extends beyond it. Yes, it’s another trick of the eye, but what a trick to make the area seem to have two doors. Makes a tiny, slender room seem larger.

9. Make Use of Distressed or Antique Mirrors

This suggestion is for you if you want to add some old appeal to your home. Nothing says antique like a damaged mirrored, shabby chic aesthetic in a contemporary farmhouse or classic conventional home.

Look for mirrors with worn silver at estate sales or antique stores. It will add a lot of character and authenticity to your environment.

It reflects your preferences. The pun was intentional.

10. Make an Art Installation with Geometric Mirrored Tiles

This appearance may be achieved with mirrored tile from a hardware shop or tiny decorative mirrors from craft stores. Begin with dense clusters and gradually increase the distance between each tile to create an attractive display.

It’s an ingenious technique to organise wall mirror wall décor in the living room.

If you’re wondering how to arrange circle mirrors on the wall, this is a terrific alternative, particularly if you have a variety of round wall mirror full length sizes.

Bottom Line

The wall mirror is a welcome addition to any luxury design, whether used as a dining room, entrance mirror, or wall décor in your living room. Mirrors, when used correctly, provide depth, light, and dimension to all of your living areas. 

Mirrors may bring additional light, give the appearance of greater space, emphasise an unusual architectural element in your house, and replicate the effect of a window when none exists. 

Follow the decorating ideas and suggestions in this article from Kalyanam to learn how to decorate with mirrors in your homes.