Safeguard Your Space: The Top Reasons to Install Safety Bollards Around Your Property

You may have noticed rows of posts lining sidewalks, streets, or storefronts. These structures are called bollards. Despite their largely unnoticed presence, bollards play a significant role in preventing injuries and ensuring people’s and property’s safety. This is especially true of safety bollards

Safety Bollards: What are they?

 A bollard may come in any shape, size, or variety and may serve numerous purposes. Pedestrian safety, however, is one of the most significant functions of a bollard. Therefore, safety bollards are the ideal option for this purpose. Safety bollards are specific types designed to ensure an area’s safety and security. This type of bollard is usually built of a more durable material and is bolted or installed firmly into the ground to fulfil its function. 

Safety Bollards: Why use them 

Following are the top reasons to install safety bollards around your property: 

  • Ensure that your storefront is protected

 It is common for accidents to occur in car parks or in proximity to storefronts. However, things can become more serious when an accident involves a vehicle weighing several thousand pounds. Safety bollards act as a line for the storefront serving as protection for the store itself and customers who shop there.  

The bollards from Road Signage Australia serve as a protective barrier that will prevent vehicles from accelerating off the road and into a building, regardless of whether they are accidental or intentional. Certain regions are also quite prone to smash-and-grab robberies, where a vehicle crashes through a fence and creates a distraction for thieves to steal goods. Likewise, safety bollards ensure that this kind of robbery is prevented when they are properly selected and positioned.

  • Protect the components of a building

The outside of buildings must be protected in addition to the buildings themselves. Outdoor gas metres, water metres, and other building components are prone to be bumped by vehicles depending on the position in which they are located. A few safety bollards placed in the vicinity of these components will safeguard them and reduce the likelihood of collisions resulting in serious injuries.

  • Maintain a safe pedestrian environment

 Pedestrian safety is of even greater importance than the protection of structures. Parking lots are areas where pedestrians and vehicles share the same space. Bollards are particularly helpful in these areas. Place some bollards so drivers and pedestrians can distinguish between pedestrian-only areas near a street or parking lot. They will guide both parties, and pedestrians will be protected if any mishappening occurs.  

  • Control access to the site

 It may be necessary to restrict vehicular entry to your property, whether to prevent unauthorised individuals from parking there or simply for general security reasons. However, the need to drive through may also arise at times. In this case, consider steel bollards that are automatic, retractable, or detachable.

Depending on your needs, Road Signage Australia provides bollards in various designs. For example, automatically operated ones allow you to raise or lower bollards without needing to get out of your vehicle.


There are many great reasons to install safety bollards around your property. They can help protect your building from vehicular damage, deter crime, and provide a safe place to congregate. Bollards are an inexpensive way to improve the safety of your property and should be considered if you are looking for ways to enhance the security of your building.