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Recording Facebook Calls: A Guide to Preserving Important Conversations

As a social media user, your Facebook calls likely contain important details, memories, or information you want to retain. However, Facebook does not provide an automatic call recording feature, leaving you unable to go back and review what was said. You are not alone if you have had significant chats through Facebook calls that you wish you could relive. Fortunately, you can quickly begin recording your Facebook calls with the aid of a few easy tools, ensuring you never miss essential information again.

Why You Should Record Your Facebook Calls

Recording Facebook calls is highly recommended for several reasons.

First, preserving important conversations allows you to refer back to key details discussed on a call. Whether the call was for business or personal reasons, there are likely points worth revisiting or following up on. Recording FaceBook calls give you an accurate account of what was said by all parties.

Second, having a recording safeguards you in the event of a dispute over the contents or outcome of a call. For legal or work-related calls, especially, a recording serves as evidence of the conversation and any agreements or next steps decided on.

Finally, recording Facebook calls allows you to improve your communication skills by reviewing how you and others presented information or interacted. You can gain valuable insights into what worked well and what could be strengthened for next time.

To record Facebook calls, you will need a call recording app designed for use with Facebook Messenger. Be sure to inform all call participants that you intend to record the conversation before starting the call. Let them know why you wish to record the discussion and how the recording will be stored and used. Obtain their verbal consent to proceed with recording the call.

With the proper tools and by following appropriate notification procedures, recording Facebook calls can be highly useful for accountability, learning, and safeguarding important conversations. Consistently high-quality communication is key to success in business and life. Recording and reviewing your calls is one way to continuously strengthen this key skill.

How to Record Facebook Calls on Your Computer?

To record your Facebook calls on a computer, follow these steps:

  • Enable call recording in Facebook Messenger. Open Messenger and go to Settings > Calls. Turn on “Record Calls.” This will allow you to record any call in Messenger.
  • Start a call with someone on Facebook Messenger. This can be a video or audio-only call.
  • Look for the “Record” button during your call. It will be shown at the top of the call screen. To begin recording, tap it.
  • Stop the recording at any moment by touching the red “Stop recording” button. The recording will be stored on your computer and added to your Messenger call history. You may then watch, download, or delete the recording.
  • Review and manage your call recordings. In Messenger, open your call history and tap the call recording you want to manage. You can play, download, delete, or share the recording from here.
  • Be aware of any applicable laws regarding recording phone calls. It is typically unlawful to record a phone call without first receiving permission from all participants. Before recording any calls, make sure you understand the restrictions in your region.

Following these instructions will allow you to record and save crucial discussions with friends and family on Facebook Messenger. But keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility so utilize call recording sparingly and wisely.

Recording Facebook Calls on Your Smartphone

To record a Facebook call, follow these steps:

  • Locate the “Record” button. After the call has begun, touch the “More” option or the ellipses icon. To begin recording the call, press the “Record” button.
  • Inform the other call participants that you have started recording the call. Say something like, “Just to let everyone know, I have started recording this call.” Get consent from all parties before recording private or sensitive conversations.
  • Stop the recording when the call ends. Tap the “Stop Recording” button to end the recording. The recording will automatically save to your Facebook profile and will appear in your list of saved call recordings.
  • Review and share the call recording. Open the Facebook app, go to your profile, and select “Saved Call Recordings.” Tap on the recording you want to review or share to open the options menu. You can then download, share or delete the recording from here.
  • To ensure high-quality call recordings, make sure to grant the Facebook app access to your microphone when prompted. Regularly check your Facebook security and privacy settings to control who can view, share and download your call recordings.


You now have the tools and knowledge to record your important Facebook calls and ensure key conversations are preserved. While recording calls do require the consent of all parties in many places for personal and business use, it can be an invaluable way to capture discussions that you want to refer back to later. With a few simple steps, you’re able to save audio from Messenger or WhatsApp calls on Facebook and have a record of meaningful exchanges. For personal calls with friends and family or even professional calls with colleagues, recording and archiving the audio can give you peace of mind and help jog your memory down the road. Use this ability responsibly, and make sure to follow all laws regarding call recording in your area. With that, you’re ready to start recording and saving your most important Facebook calls.