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Paul Edalat’s Work With Patented Technologies pharmaceutical company

Vivera Pharmaceuticals, led by their able CEO, Paul Edalat, is a technology-driven pharmaceutical company focusing on creating novel devices and therapies to aid various sectors of society. Creating a roadmap to the future and changing the face of medical science, Vivera is branching out into four major divisions –

  •     Advanced Diagnostics
  •     Biosciences
  •     Medical Technologies
  •     Medical Devices

These four divisions work synergistically and will provide affordable therapies and devices to people. The medical technology division focuses primarily on medication safety and patient-specialist interactions. They aim to improve communication and bridge the gap between patients and healthcare. Vivera aims to provide access to proper and immediate medical help to the elderly, people living in rural areas, and communities with limited means.


With all the divisions focusing on using technology to take healthcare to the next level, Paul Edalat’s team have been steadily making progress. They have created and patented various spectacular devices and technology to aid the people. Some of them are –


ZICOH is a medically advanced, dose-controlling medication delivery device. Inspired by his brother’s unfortunate fight with cancer, ZICOH is a groundbreaking technology. Prescription drug abuse is a primary cause of death for over half a million people every year. The device is created to control the dosage of medications to prevent prescription abuse and misuse of prescriptions that can be addictive. Additionally, ZICOH has integrable authentication features, including fingerprint authorisation and facial recognition. This prevents prescription drug abuse by not letting it end up in the hands of the wrong people. The best way to take medication is to take exactly the dosage your doctor prescribes, and ZICOH is proficient in that. With its tamper-resistant design and features like medicine reminders, you can adhere to your prescription without any issues. 



A sublingual drug delivery system, TABMELT allows patients to put the tablet underneath their tongue, which dissolves the tablet automatically, leading to better absorption. This may not only enhance bioavailability but also cut down on side effects seen with traditional drug delivery. Sublingual technology is the future of medication delivery.  TABMELT is revolutionary, and the sublingual drug delivery system is set to change the way patients around the world take medications. Not only is this non-toxic and natural, but the patients can also take the dose just by dissolving a tablet underneath their tongues.



Vivera Pharmaceuticals also collaborate with various institutions and scientists to create accurate devices. Vivera focuses on innovation, research, and developing and improving patient-centric therapies and medical devices. The four divisions work synergistically, contributing to various research prospects that Vivera launches. The team primarily checks on medication safety and compliance, with the addition of enhancing patient-to-provider interactions. With expert views and a trained team, Paul Edalat is reaching out to change the pharmaceutical industry’s perspective. His endeavours and commitment to society motivate his team to work tirelessly towards societal betterment. From controlling the opioid epidemic to neurological conditions, Vivera Pharmaceuticals strive to fulfil its primary purpose- to put patients first!

Paul Edalat’s Work With Patented Technologies

Paul Edalat is known for his work in patent law, and has been named one of the top lawyers in the world by Chambers. He has been a part of some of the biggest cases in history, including the BAE Systems case. Paul Edalat is also known for his work with patented technologies that are crucial to our society today.

In recent years, Paul Edalat has helped to pave the way for new technology by helping companies find their patents on key inventions. He has also been involved in many other cases where he has used his skills as an attorney to help companies protect their intellectual property from competitors who might be infringing upon them.