Merino Wool Blanket: Your Child’s Perfect Winter Companion

Merino wool is one of the most preferred fabrics across the globe for making blankets for children. A merino wool baby blanket is soft and comfortable and helps your little ones regulate their body temperature and sleep better during cold winter days.

What is Merino Wool?

Known for its softness, Merino wool is a 100 % natural fibre. The wool is made up of amino acids and other natural compounds – derived from Merino sheep. Here are reasons why merino wool blankets are the best possible choice for your children:

Soft and Gentle

Merino wool feels incredibly soft and gentle, making it a perfect choice for your baby. It is also naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial, protects sensitive skin, and curbs skin conditions such as eczema or other allergies. 

Unlike other materials such as polyester and synthetic wool, merino wool absorbs in and then releases more moisture. This helps the body maintain the required humidity levels and keeps your baby’s skin hydrated and supple.

Regulates the Body’s Temperature 

Merino wool is ideal for regulating the body’s temperature. This special feature of merino wool allows it to be used throughout the year. The natural crimps and bends in its fibres trap air and keep your baby warm during winter. And when it is warm outside, it quickly sucks sweat and moisture away from the skin and converts it into vapour, helping to keep your baby cool and dry.


Merino wool lasts for years. Unlike other fabrics, it does not wear out quickly. It is known to be eight times stronger than cotton and can easily bend and stretch without losing its original shape. The wool can also be washed regularly without worrying about losing its natural features.

Resists Odors

One of the unique features of merino wool is that it effectively absorbs odour. It traps the smell caused by bacteria in our body and keeps them from building further. This means that your baby can use a merino wool blanket for longer periods without the need to wash or worry about the smell. 


Merino wool is one of the most natural and safest fibres that is not just free-resistant but also free of harmful chemicals. This means your baby is always protected inside a merino wool blanket from an untoward incident.  

Environment Friendly 

Merino wool is a biodegradable, renewable, and circular fibre. It naturally decomposes in soil when disposed of, giving back its nutrients to the earth. This makes a merino wool blanket the right choice for your baby and the planet.


Due to its unique characteristics, a merino wool blanket or similar products, such as a merino scarf made in Australia or even a shawl made from merino wool, outperform any existing fabric available in the market. They provide everything you need to nurture your child during the harsh winter months.

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