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Learn to drive an Automatic car for beginners | Just Pass

It is always been difficult to drive on the road without taking any driving lessons or joining any driving school for automatic car driving. For that, you have always been looking for a driving school near you so that you can practice driving in form of automatic car driving lessons. If you are from Birmingham and looking for a driving school then Just Pass School of motoring is the best option for you for quality services and easy-to-learn fast, automatic, or manual driving lessons for teens as well as adults. We have experienced and reliable staff at Just Pass and also female driving instructors for female clients to feel safe and shy to learn.

We understand your needs and requirements, so feel free to come and join us for your best experience of driving and quality driving lessons in Birmingham.

1 How to drive a regular gear car
2 How to drive an automatic car
3 Safety measures while driving

1 How to drive a regular gear car

You can learn to drive a regular-gear car by following these steps:

Get in the vehicle and place it on your safety belt.
Put the car key in the place designated for operation, and turn it until the engine starts running.
Press the clutch pedal on the left.
Move the gear stick and set it to first gear.
Use the right foot to gently press the accelerator pedal to gradually accelerate the engine rotation.
Release the clutch pedal by slowly lifting the left foot off until the automatic driving lesson Birmingham car vibrates slightly.
Press the handbrake down until the car starts moving slowly.
Increase speed and move forward by lifting the foot off the clutch pedal, and using the gas pedal only.

2 How to drive an automatic car

You can learn to drive an automatic gear car by following these steps:

Turn on the handbrake by pressing it down.
Press the brake pedal down.
Adjust the gear on the drive gear (D).
I am looking in mirrors to check traffic and cars.
Turning on the dimple, which indicates the desire to move.
Looking at the mirrors again, looking over the right shoulder to make sure the road is clear and open.
Release the brake pedal while gently pressing the gas pedal to increase the engine speed.
Operate the handbrake by pressing down on it and moving with a gradual increase in speed.
Turn off the dimple when needed.

3 Safety procedures while driving

Safety procedures are an essential part of the process of learning to drive, so the following notes and procedures must be followed

Before the car starts and moves, it is verified that vehicles are traveling near the car, by looking at the interior mirror, then looking at the outside mirror located near the right door, when there is a passing car Automatic car instructor, then looking at the mirrors again.
blind spot checking; It is the part that cannot be seen using mirrors, by looking above the right shoulder to ensure that the road is fully exposed.
Giving a wink to surrounding cars and pedestrians before setting off.
Move slowly while moving the steering wheel to the middle to start, and when reaching the middle of the road, the steering wheel is moved to go straight.

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