How we increased organic traffic by 60% using keyword research 

According to a survey, organic search makes up about 14% of all industry traffic. We all are no strangers to the fact that Google’s organic search results have an average CTR of 31.7%, and the #1 organic result is 10x more likely than before to receive a click as compared to a page in the #10 spots. You should win the top spots for the right keywords as it guarantees you more traffic and revenue. It also helps you beat your competitors to a considerable extent.

Tried and tested keyword research

The keyword research boils down to three simple things such as-

  • Keywords you want to rank for.
  • The keywords you already rank for.
  • The keywords your competitors rank for.

Following are some ways to increase the organic traffic by 60% by using keyword research-

  1. Keywords you want to rank for.

By using keyword explorer’s suggestions, you can get a good idea of some of the highly relevant and well-searched related keywords. Let’s say that you are looking to pick out the related themes as you try to scroll through. For example, you will instantly see several keywords related to moving, and you will investigate further. You will make a note of some size references. Within only a few seconds, we already have a couple of ideas we can make use of to help inform our content strategy. As you go on, you can pick as many exciting keywords as possible. You can then use these keywords and start building lists with keyword explorer and export the data in spreadsheets.  

  1. Keywords you already rank for.

Unless you are working with a client who is in a unique position of launching a brand new website, you should be able to uncover many keyword opportunities by researching the keywords the website already ranks for. This is your most significant opportunity to improve and grow traffic from. Keyword explorer will also return a list of keywords with your ranking position included, and you can also export this to excel and then filter on the keywords you would like to target. 

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  1. Keywords your competitors are ranking for.

The most crucial part of keyword research is checking what your competitors rank well for. You can do this in the Keyword explorer by adding one or two domains to your search when searching by the website.

There are many monthly searches, and you can generate good leads. This way, you will be able to uncover plenty of strategies, and you can have great success building out a content strategy and creating highly relevant content to target these keywords. 

Keyword research working sessions

You might feel working with your clients is a little daunting, and it can sometimes be tricky. You should gain good knowledge from all your clients and discover great content ideas and keywords to target.

Many people avail themselves of SEO Canberra, a digital marketing agency that provides SEO-related services to its clients. 

Who all should be involved?

It depends on the size of your clients. You might also discuss the products in detail, and someone like the head of marketing would have all the knowledge you need. 

How many sessions do you need?

This entirely depends on your clients’ specifics and your work’s scope. Let’s say you are working on a small retainer, just one session will be enough, and if the client is a big one with a sizeable retainer, you will need a handful of sessions to cover the topics which you will be hoping to rank for.

What does your client need to prepare?

The best thing your client can do is come prepared with detailed knowledge of their products and which products are the most important for them. They will also check which products provide them with the most significant profit margin and which products they struggle to get hold of due to issues in the supply chain. Which products are stacked up in the warehouse that they need to shift?

What do you need to prepare?

You and your clients should contribute equally to everything, and you should go through your keyword research process. You should let your client also contribute their own thoughts. 

Following are some essential benefits of keyword research.

An engaged audience

If you want to create content which is attractive to your clients and prospects, you should conduct a proper keyword research which will help you figure out what your audience is looking for. Then, you can create content around it, and the content can be blogs, videos or e-books.

Increased conversion.

If you are creating content that your prospects find interesting, then they will want to learn more about it. You should know that your content is reaching the right type of audience. You should check Google Analytics and the statistics will help you see if the website visitors are viewing or downloading the content and they ought to stay on the page and visit the other pages on your website as well.

Marketing trends insight.

Analyzing keywords will offer you great insights into the current market trends. You should keep an eye out on what’s popular and what is important to your audience.

Prioritize your time.

When you know what keywords to write for, you can also create the content that is relevant to your goals. It helps you stay focused and it will also make a huge impact on the traffic of your website in the long run.

Expand your net.

As the website ranks for the chosen key phrases, you should look for the relevant similar keywords and you should then add more content which targets those additional key phrases. If your site is relatively new, you should also try long-tail search phrases.

Place keywords in the right spot.

You should avoid keyword stuffing and after you identify ideal keywords, you should put the keywords in the right locations. The chosen keyword should be placed in the page title, URL and the anchor text.