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How to download twitter videos without using any app

Twitter is home to all types of content. It’s easy to save an image or text from a social platform, but downloading videos is a little more complicated. Whether you’re using a computer or smartphone, here are some simple steps on how to download videos from Twitter so you can watch them anytime, anywhere. There are many reasons why you might be looking forward to saving videos from Twitter, but how to deal with them depends on the device you’re using. From a desktop or laptop, you will need to use a website designed to download Twitter videos. On the other hand, it will be easier for mobile users to install an app to download Twitter videos.

In some cases, you’ll want to download videos from Twitter directly on some of your devices, whether it’s mobile equipment, a computer or a laptop, so you can observe it later or show it to a family member or friend without having to connect to the Internet.

As we well know, it’s almost impossible to download them from the platform itself, well, they still haven’t built-in download button. But there’s an option to do it with external apps. As we have already done with Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and others.

For this reason, in this tutorial, we will explain step by step how you can download different videos from this network, whether using your iOS, Android, Windows or MacOS computer with a few simple clicks.

What are the benefits of downloading videos from Twitter?

The benefits are really few, but very useful. Among them is that at any time you can count on any video you liked and download and send it to whoever you want and whenever you want.

Twitter video download is a site that will allow you to download almost any video from this social network. You can use it in any browser and from different devices, whether mobile or computer.

The only drawback that can be cited is that you will not be able to download the one whose owner has marked as private, that is, those accounts that have their data only for their followers. So you need to be aware of the privacy of the account and the content it posts to be able to download it.


How use Twitter video download? It’s very simple, and in just a few minutes you’ll download all the content you want and available.

Follow the steps to download twitter videos.

Step 1 : Open Twitter and find the video you want to download.
Step 2 : You can copy a link to the video by right-clicking it and choosing “Copy Link.” Copy video address.

Step 3: On a new tab, use a tool like Twitter Video Download and paste the Link into the text box. Then click the Download button.
Step 4: You’ll be provided some quality options, allowing you to save a high-resolution or low-resolution version.

Step 5 : Click the button next to the resolution you want to download the video in.

Advantages of Using this Twitter video downloader  

  • This twitter video download is completely free to use and can be used multiple times to download the twitter videos and GIFs.
  • It is developed with enhanced technology that fetches the link and displays the video based on the appropriate link.
  • You just have to copy the video link from the social media platform twitter and paste in this tool’s input box. And you don’t have to download any software to decrease the storage of your device.
  • Use it in any devices like mobiles, computers, tabs, or laptops that may have different operating systems such as Android, Windows, Mac, or further.
  • It respects the privacy of the users and doesn’t store any personal data or uploaded information of the users in the database.
  • No log in, sign up, or registration is needed to use this tweet downloader tool H


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