Going to Buy A string of Pearls For Your Home | Know Its Caring Tips

This is a succulent with a unique look. It has a lot of fans who like it not only for how it looks but also for how easy it is to take care of. The bubble or pearl-shaped leaves look beautiful when they hang from the top of a bookshelf or over a basket. Like other succulents, a string of pearls needs to be cared for in a certain way to ensure they live long and healthy lives. With a little knowledge, you can help this plant do well.

These plants grow naturally in the deserts of South West Africa, where they spread roots to cover the ground. Even though there isn’t much water, they can survive and grow roots and vines throughout the desert. Leaves have strange shapes like bubbles. They use these “pearls” to store water and lose less water through evaporation.

Care Tips For String of Pearls

1. Light:

A string of Pearls plants needs at least six to eight hours of indirect and bright sunlight daily, whether grown inside or outside. But again, if you want to grow this plant outside, you need to find a spot with some shade.

If you keep your String of Pearls indoors, put it near an east-facing window or another place where it can get lots of strong natural light. It can also be grown near a South or West-facing window as long as the plant is 5 to 10 inches away. This is important if you live in a hot, desert-like area, so the plant doesn’t get too much sun. During the cooler, darker months, you might want to move them closer to the window or brighter spot to ensure they get all the light they need each day.

2. Temperature:

The average indoor temperature for a String of Pearls succulent should be between 70° and 80° F. During the winter, keep the temperature of the plant between 55° and 60° F. Don’t put them in places where there is a draught or where there is an air conditioner and an open window. The cold air could cause the leaves to fall off. A string of pearls can’t handle the cold, so you’ll have to bring them inside for the winter.

3. Humidity:

A string of pearls doesn’t need much moisture to grow. This succulent is actually from a dry area so that the dry air wouldn’t hurt it. Plus, it can thrive in almost any normal humidity level in a home (about 40% relative humidity).

4. Water:

A string of Pearls doesn’t like too much water, so give them the right amount. Once every two weeks is the recommended amount. Check the soil is half an inch (1.2cm) dry before the next watering. During the cooler months, you should only water once a month.

A string of pearls is usually grown inside, but that doesn’t mean it can’t do well outside. For outdoor String of Pearls, the number of times you water the plant will depend on how hot the area is. You can also let the rain do the job for you.

5. Fertiliser:

Most succulents don’t need a lot of fertiliser, and Pearls succulents can also die from too much fertiliser. During the growing season (spring and middle of summer), they might get fertilised once every two or four weeks. And there’s no need to add fertiliser in the fall and winter. And the fertiliser should be diluted, so the plant doesn’t get too much of it.

If you already purchased this lovely plant from nearby plant nurseries, you can now ensure its healthful development by establishing a food maintenance schedule. These simple instructions can assist you in growing the plant successfully because it is not particularly demanding. The plant will quickly bloom if you give it timely water, put it in the right spot, and provide it with the right lighting.