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Belts are one of the most elegant parts of formal clothing. They are used in casual dressing for fashionable purposes as well. So, customers always look for high-quality belts to enrich their wardrobes. Let the world know about your clothing brand. Custom belt boxes are the final option for the success of your business. They will give life to your dying business and enhance the worth of your brand’s items in the market.

Customization of Blet Box Packaging with Endless Customized Solutions:

You must be thinking about how to look for a reliable packaging supplier. End your quest here. It’s time to gird your loins and join hands with us to bring forward your company’s name. We offer plenty of personalized solutions for excellent belt box packaging. You can choose the box’s style, shape, colors, and packaging material following your product’s specifications. Moreover, you can furnish the package with a plethora of additional options. You can add inserts, die-cuts, and windows to give an alluring look to the box.

Most Popular Styles for Belt Boxes Wholesale:

The box of the product becomes the center of the client’s attention. An inappropriate and flimsy box looks unattractive and leaves a bad impression on the onlookers. You can share the product’s dimensions with our clients, and they will customize the perfect package. Additionally, we custom-made belt boxes bulk in the following styles:

  1. two-piece box
  2. rigid box with magnetic closure
  3. tray and sleeve packaging
  4. mailer box
  5. belt box with insert

Use of Rigid Box for Blet Box Packaging:

Rigid is a sturdy and long-lasting stock. It is inflexible and unable to mold. The rigid box is one of the best packages for packing luxurious items like belts. It gives extra protection and shields the items from external harm. It can be used as the best strategic tool to promote your brand. You can make the box eye-catchy with extra finishings and laminations. Rigid packaging is recyclable, and you can reuse it. However, on the demands of clients, we add inserts in the box for the safety of the products. Besides this, a rigid box with magnetic closures looks adorable and keeps belts secure from dust and dirt.

Select Material of Your Choice for Long-Lasting Packaging:

You have plenty of options regarding material choice. You can choose between kraft, cardboard, and rigid paper, whatever befits you. The best thing about all three options is they are climate-friendly and accustomed to printing. Regarding kraft paper, it is lightweight and durable. The majority of apparel brands prefer cardboard due to its print-friendly nature. It is flexible and feasible for prints, finishings, laminations, etc., unlike cardboard; rigid is unbendable but 100% biodegradable.

Furnish the Box Packaging with Incredible Laminations:

Laminations are tear resistant. They provide an extra covering of protection. Besides this, their application enriches your belt packaging. You can go with gloss and matt.

1. Gloss lamination:

If you aim to add brightness to the packaging, choose gloss. It provides a glossy texture to the surface of the packaging. However, it reflects the lights and can highlight marks and fingerprints.

2. Matt lamination:

In contrast to gloss, matt is non-reflective, and it gives darker effects to the colors. It is immune to scuffs, scratches, smudges, etc.

Emboss the Logo Design to Create Dazzling Color Effects:

After the completion of the printing process, you can select finishings to give an extra touch to the logo designs. Embossing and debossing are utilized to provide a three-dimensional effect. Debossing depresses print designs. We propose you for the embossing of the logo. It will outstand the logo image and set it apart from the other artworks.

Why Choose Us?

It is very tough to find a reliable packaging provider. You can trust us. We have been offering our services as a first-rate packaging provider for several years. You will be surprised to know that our company has earned the trust of thousands of customers. Our company always prioritizes customer satisfaction. That’s why we offer 2D and 3D digital design samples to clients before the commencement of the customization process. Apart from it, our extraordinary services include:

  • free shipping facility
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