Free Tips That Can Save Your Money For Health Insurance

If you are looking to purchase the best medical insurance plan, you can definitely opt for Manipal Cigna health insurance from the Indian market. However, the majority of policyholders are unaware of how to save money on health insurance plans.


Manipal Cigna health insuranceHere are some top tips about it!


Opt for longer tenures 

When you are choosing your medical insurance policy, you also need to choose your policy tenure. The policy tenure is available in short term as well as the long term. If you purchase a long-term health insurance policy, you will have a chance to get significantly lower premiums when compared to short-term tenures. 


With long-term health insurance tenure, you also do not have to worry about regular renewals. Also, you will get the chance to accumulate a higher no-claim bonus every year of your tenure to get more discounts on your premium. 


Pick the necessary add-ons

Although your health insurance plan covers treatment for severe joint diseases and illnesses, mental health services, maternity care, ambulance fees, and alternative therapies, the majority of policyholders opt for additional add-ons for specific coverage. It is chosen according to each customer’s requirements. To cut costs on your health insurance plans, make sure to opt for only necessary add-ons for precise coverage. 


Some of the popular add-ons are personal accident cover, maternity cover, heart disease protection covers and many more. Nowadays, everyone knows that Manipal Cigna health insurance is a great way to safeguard one’s financial future and that of one’s loved ones. 


Opt for cashless benefits 

Generally speaking, there are two types of health insurance claims. Cashless service and reimbursement denote how patients pay for medical care out of pocket and then have their Manipal Cigna health insurance reimburse them (where you get approval for the treatment and the insurer settles the costs). The majority of the health insurance plans have more than 5000 networks of hospitals under their tag for easy cashless benefits. 


According to the cashless claim, your insurer will bear all your treatment costs and hospitalisation charges on the spot, you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket to avail the medical services. There are no up-front charges associated with this method of protecting your money. So, to save money on your health insurance plan, make sure to always avail yourself of the cashless benefits. 


Maintain a higher no-claim bonus

If you spend the whole insurance year without submitting any claims, you will be entitled to a higher cumulative bonus, often known as a no-claim bonus. It is a financial gain that might take the shape of a reduced premium for the next policy year or an increase in coverage without a premium increase. We cannot rule out any of these possibilities. You may save much cash by going this way since you might get the same amount of coverage for less money or more for the same price. 


To have a higher no-claim bonus, you must refrain from filing petty claims in your medical insurance policy. For every year that goes by with no claims being submitted, your health insurance provider will raise the insured amount significantly, and for every year after that, the insured amount will grow higher along with a significant discount on the premiums. So, make sure to avoid petty claims to maintain a higher no-claim bonus. 

Preventative care visits to the doctor might save money by detecting problems early

Your Manipal Cigna health insurance plan will ultimately cover annual check-ups with your doctor. It is conceivable that you will not notice any health issues if you do not have regular checks, and it is also possible that you will find issues that would have gone undetected otherwise.


Diagnostic procedures for diabetes commonly involve Pap smears (also known as colonoscopies), radiographs, and blood sugar tests. Finding health problems early is crucial for preventing disease and getting treatment quickly. The money this might save in medical insurance costs is substantial. So, you can carry out regular preventative care procedures to detect health issues prior to avoid hefty last-minute protocols which are quite pricey. 

Existing tax exemptions 

With proper health insurance plans, one can score a lot of benefits on tax exemptions. The majority of the policyholders opt for health insurance plans, keeping the tax benefits in mind. Regarding tax implications, it does not matter who the policy is for. When you pay for your health insurance plans and meet other requirements, you might get a return of up to Rs. 25,000 when you file your annual taxes. 


Also, if you have purchased medical insurance for your parents, then you are eligible for tax benefits up to Rs. 50,000. The Manipal Cigna health insurance is the most lucrative one that has extensive coverage options. You can definitely opt for it without any second thought.