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Everything You Need to Know About Having Sex During Pregnancy!

Pregnancy can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time for couples as they prepare for their little bundle of joy. And with that excitement, many will also have questions about how to keep things hot in the bedroom while keeping Mom’s health and safety in mind. If this is something you are concerned about, you are not alone! In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of some of the considerations couples should consider when having sex during pregnancy


You’ll learn what positions work best at each stage of pregnancy, which sexual activities are safe (and unsafe!), potential abnormal symptoms related to intercourse during pregnancy, plus resources if you need additional guidance. Let’s get started!


What are the risks of having sex during pregnancy?

Having sex during pregnancy can be a daunting thought for many people, and it is understandable to consider all the risks before engaging in such an activity. Although sexual intercourse during pregnancy is generally considered healthy and safe as long as there are no underlying issues or complications, certain risk factors should still be considered. For example, having intercourse too close to the due date could lead to contractions that can start preterm labor. 


Furthermore, pregnant people must be particularly cautious of STIs that can be contracted from unprotected sexual activity. Without proper contraception protection, these diseases can spread to both mother and child. When considering sex during pregnancy, discussing any concerns or questions with a health professional beforehand is best.


What are the benefits of having sex during pregnancy?

Sex during pregnancy has many mental and physical benefits for expecting mothers. Intimacy can help boost the mood of pregnant women thanks to the feel-good hormones they get when they engage in sexual activity. Additionally, it can relieve stress and decrease the anxiety of being pregnant by providing an intimate connection with your partner. 


Pregnant women are also much less likely to experience aches, pains, and insomnia due to increased blood flow around the body caused by sexual activity. Having sex during pregnancy can even help make labor easier by helping the baby settle further into the pelvis. As long as a woman feels comfortable and has no high-risk pregnancy issues, sex during pregnancy can provide many health benefits.


How do you know when it’s safe to have sex during pregnancy?

When expecting a baby, it is important to understand if and when it is safe to have sex during pregnancy. Generally speaking, most pregnant women are considered low-risk when having sexual intercourse. However, there are certain instances where more caution is needed by consulting with a healthcare provider. These conditions may include placenta previa, preterm labor, multiple gestations, bed rest, or any other overall health concerns experienced by the mother-to-be. 


Sex during the third trimester should also be consulted with a doctor as there’s an increased risk of premature labor. Suppose a woman feels uncomfortable about resuming sexual intercourse at any point in her pregnancy. In that case, she has the right to postpone doing so until she is sure it is safe for herself and her unborn child.


What are some positions that are comfortable during pregnancy sex?

During pregnancy, being comfortable takes precedence for many individuals during sexual intercourse. Missionary style is a popular choice due to the support of pillows beneath the belly and back and having control over the penetration depth. Doggie style with the partner entering from behind can also be a great position when pregnant, as it can help lessen pressure on the abdomen area. 


In contrast, their partner raises the hips with a pillow or chair. Being on top offers maximum comfort and allows for good stimulation. At the same time, women can control their movements at a pace they find comfortable. Some individuals use water or silicone-based lubricants for extra added comfort in any position to create frictionless pleasure.


How can you make sure both partners enjoy pregnant sex?

While pregnant sex can be an enjoyable, intimate experience, there are a few tips and tricks to ensure that both partners are comfortable and enjoying it. Communication is key in understanding each other’s preferences and boundaries. Discussing any discomforts or concerns and communicating when something is working is important. For increased comfort, ensure the mother’s belly is supported with pillows or the man is lying on his side. Additionally, couples should explore different positions as the pregnancy progresses to determine which are most enjoyable. 


Finally, focus on strategies like focusing on pleasure rather than orgasm and building desire through touch and talk to maximize connection and enjoyment of the experience. When paid attention to, both partners can enjoy a safe and pleasurable sexual experience even during pregnancy.


What should you do if you experience bleeding after sex while pregnant?

Suppose you experience any bleeding after sex while pregnant. In that case, contacting your healthcare provider as soon as possible is important. Depending on the situation, this can indicate something more serious that needs to be addressed. Your doctor may request an exam or additional testing to determine the cause and rule out potential risks. It is also essential to note that certain types of bleeding during early pregnancy can be perfectly normal. 

Do not panic if you encounter mild spotting after sexual intercourse. In either case, checking in with your physician is recommended to ensure that both mother and baby remain healthy and safe.


Are there other things to remember when having sex during pregnancy?

When engaging in sexual activity during pregnancy, communication with a partner is essential. It is important for both you and your partner to mutually agree on the level of intimacy that makes both of you feel comfortable, safe, and secure. Additionally, pregnant individuals should be aware of potential risks involved with certain types of sex during pregnancy, such as spreading STDs or contracting an infection or pelvic inflammatory disease; therefore, it’s best to use protection when possible. 


Throughout the months leading up to delivery, checking in with your healthcare provider to ensure you and your baby are healthy can be helpful. Some activities may become more dangerous as the pregnancy progresses. However, sex can still be a fun and meaningful part of an intimate relationship – remember safety and comfort.


Final Thought

It is important to understand all the potential risks involved and know when it is best to proceed with caution or even talk to a medical professional about your health circumstances. Every woman’s experience, needs, and capabilities will be unique. It is important to stay informed, listen to your body, and decide what works best for you and your baby. With the help of an expert medical opinion and education from reliable sources, you can make an informed decision on the safest way forward, both emotionally and physically, when it comes to having sex during pregnancy.