Enhance your Overall Grades with Mastermind Book Class 10

Class 10th is an important milestone in a student’s life. It is a platform to determine the career objective. Most students select courses between science, arts, and commerce that goes on to form the base of their higher studies and college admissions.

Students need to score good marks in the 10th standard, which helps them decide on the subjects of their choice in the future. Along with regular school books, question banks such as the mastermind book class 10 are necessary to gauge the preparation level.

Why Are Question Banks Helpful?

Question banks are essential resources while preparing for the board exam. The mastermind book class 10 comes with summaries, last year’s questions papers, important questions, and much more. One book can help you prepare for the entire year’s syllabus for every subject.

The mastermind book class 10 is available for the subjects below.

Master Mind Question Bank Science Class 10

Master Mind English Language & Literature Class 10

Master Mind Question Bank Hindi Course-A Class 10

Master Mind Question Bank Mathematics (Basic Level) Class 10

Master Mind Question Bank Mathematics (Standard Level) Class 10

Master Mind Question Bank Hindi Course-B Class 10

Master Mind Social Science Class 10

Master Mind Samajik Vigyan Class 10

Master Mind Computer Applications Class 10

Master Mind Information Technology Class 10

Why Should You Choose Mastermind Book Class 10?

Students of class 10 should opt for the Mastermind book class 10 for complete and comprehensive preparation for the final exams. You can buy the Mastermind book class 10 from online bookstores such as GetMyBooks to ensure hassle-free and timely delivery.

These books act as helpful resources and guide alongside the original subject books. While the main books are only equipped with limited questions, the question banks highlight important parts and give an idea of the upcoming examinations.

Other reasons why question banks such as the Mastermind book class 10 are helpful include the following.

Chapter-wise Summary

Each question bank covers all chapters in the syllabus and offers a chapter-wise summary for quick revisions. The key points and important areas of the course are highlighted and act as a guide for preparation. This is especially important for subjects like English, Geography, History, etc.

Solved Questions

For subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and others, solved questions teach students various methods of dealing with complex problems. They are also a sample of how a question can be answered and explain the correct answer. The Mastermind book class 10 contains over 1000 questions for each subject.

5+ Years Question Paper

The previous year’s question papers are one of the most important aspects of any question bank. They are essential while preparing for board exams as the board follows some patter to set papers. Going through the past question papers will highlight the important questions and areas of the syllabus. A student can also thoroughly study these questions to understand which ones to omit for preparation and which could be a part of the next exam.

Tips and Tricks

The Mastermind book class 10 contains tips and tricks for every chapter to make learning easier for students. The tips are helpful for revisions and provide clarity to the concepts.

Practice Material

Practice materials are important for holistic preparation for the exams. A student understands the concepts first and then, through the practice questions, learns how to answer problems correctly. Such resources act as knowledge boosters.

Question Banks Help Improve Grades

For any student who wants to improve their grades or wants to score well, question banks prove to be a great help. Class 10 boards are an important examination, students should ensure a regular, consistent study routine, going through all the main books and their question banks. Revision notes and flashcards help review the syllabus quickly before the big exam.


The Mastermind book class 10 has been created according to the latest assessment and evaluation guidelines of CBSE. Thus, students can trust the question bank to receive proper guidance to ace the examination and pass with excellence.

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