Dr. Chrono EHR World’s First AI Medical Appointment Scheduler

DrChrono EHR is a highly customizable EHR option. It features customizable charts, templates, revenue cycle management, and scheduling software. It also integrates with OutcomeMD.

Platform for e-prescribing

DrChrono EHR is able to help you take care your patients, no matter how small or large you may be. The comprehensive features allow you to manage your intake process. It also allows you to save time and integrate with other tools so you can communicate more effectively with your patients.

DrChrono EHR can be accessed online, but also via an iPad app. It allows users to make appointments from anywhere, and also displays practice locations. You can customize it to suit your practice’s requirements.

DrChrono reports can help you monitor your financial performance. You can track trends in your revenue, see which patients are being treated and how much. It also offers extensive tools for denying claims. The software’s direct messaging suite allows secure communication with patients. Its medical charting tools allow you to improve the patient experience.

Revenue cycle management

Revenue cycle management (RCM), whether you have a small or large practice, can help you improve and manage your revenue. RCM involves many tasks such as coding claims to maximize payment, tracking claims, and collecting payments. RCM is a great way to increase cash collection and reduce days of accounts receivable.

Outsourced medical billing services are increasingly being used by many practices to manage their revenue cycle. These services can be especially beneficial for specialty practices, which are often limited in resources. Outsourced services may not be available for certain practice types.



You will need to ensure that RCM services you’re considering are compatible with your EHR. You will also want to make sure you are using a trusted vendor.

Scheduling Suite

The best plan is key to getting the most from your DrChrono electronic health record. DrChrono’s three pricing tiers provide excellent value and offer a wide range of features.

DrChrono’s scheduling software includes many features that will simplify the process of booking appointments. You can view the calendar daily, weekly, and monthly, as well color-coding. You can also view individual providers and exam rooms. It also has real-time eligibility checks. It includes a task manager, secure messaging inbox and a custom patient builder.



DrChrono can send electronic prescriptions to controlled elements. It can be connected to external labs. It can meet Meaningful Use requirements.

DrChrono also meets HIPAA requirements. It is easy to set-up and offers extensive customer support. It offers setup assistance and a 30-day free trial.

Templates and charts that can be customized

DrChrono EHR allows doctors to create customizable charts and templates that make it easier for patients to keep track of their health records. These templates reduce the need for lengthy data entry and unnecessary narratives. The DrChrono EHR allows you to customize the reports based on patient demographics and diagnoses. These reports can also be exported to Microsoft Excel.

DrChrono provides a 30-day free trial. All charting and scheduling features are included in the 30-day free trial. You also get a task manager, a custom form builder for patients, and a secure messaging mailbox.



Your charts and templates can be customized based on your appointment type. You can customize your chart to include information about single caregivers, sick people, or appointments at specific sites. To indicate the type of appointment, you can change the calendar’s color.

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Integration with OutcomeMD

OutcomeMD integration with drchrono EHR allows practices to benefit from a new software solution designed to improve patient care. OutcomeMD is HIPAA-compliant. Patients can track their symptoms and give feedback to their doctor. The question sets are structured data that allow the clinician to assess the patient’s condition. The clinician receives the scores via DrChrono EHR.

OutcomeMD not only improves patient care, but also strengthens documentation. Its question sets cover almost every medical condition. These questions can be used to conduct high-level analyses on patient populations. These data can be used for powerful studies. These data can be used for optimizing health systems.



DrChrono EHR integrates electronic medical records, medical billing and practice management. It can be accessed online and via iPads. It is also ONC certified and safe. It is safe for all medical specialties.