Cute Joker Simple Drawings Images For Kids | Tutorial

Drawing Images We’ll be drawing one of the most endearing comic book villains ever today. As a result, we’ve got a brand-new drawing tutorial for you today in which we’ll sketch the Joker, Batman’s most terrifying and dreadful foe.

In the 1940s, he made his comic book debut. Drawing Images appearance hasn’t changed much since then. Regardless, we will demonstrate the most traditional incarnation of this mad villain in this tutorial. Let’s begin the session by learning how to draw the Joker.

Simple Step-by-Step Joker Drawing Images


  • Let’s start with a stickman in the first step, which is made of sticks and circles. We sketch out a stick figure to outline a figure’s main proportions, characteristics, and placement on the page. Using an elongated cylinder, sketch the head’s contours. The “skeleton” of Joker should then be drawn using straight lines. Joker’s growth is roughly equivalent to the sum of the lengths of 8 heads.


  • Let’s give the joke’s body some volume, but first, annotate the face. Draw the symmetrical vertical line of the face, the horizontal line of the eyes, the sinister smile silhouette, and the curves of the hair.
  • Then, as in our example, use rectangles and ovals to outline the stickman’s limbs and trunk. Be led by the lines from the prior stage, but remember that the hands and feet were not drawn in that stage. All of the moves closely resemble one of the steps in the drawing tutorial for Slenderman.


  • Sketch the hairstyles and the higher coat collar. The brow and lip outlines are drawn in the same process (they look like smooth, curved lines that converge in a conditional point between the eyes). Draw the ears, the nose, and the cap that our hero so gallantly dons to meet a stranger.


  • Draw the face utilising the cues from the previous steps. When it comes to hairstyles, we should mention that they should be drawn from the tips of the hair to the roots. Please don’t overlook the wrinkles at the corners of the eyes when you’re drawing them; they effectively portray the stress in the face that results from a forced smile.
  • Draw huge, pointed ears and a nose as well. Remember the law of proportions: the ears’ lower tips and the nose’s tip should be in the same plane. Draw a strange smile with the mouth curled. Don’t forget to depict the lines surrounding the mouth as well.


  • Circle the lines after erasing the extra line from the coat. Pay attention to the sleeves’ noticeable expansion. We advise drawing the pocket silhouettes first, then tracing the coat flaps in the trunk before adding the creases. Their primary placement is in the pocket and elbow bend. To create the folds, use clean lines.


  • At first glance, the drawing appears to be very minor but has highly significant elements. Drawn seams, like in our illustration, on the coat. Draw the hat using straight lines. Draw the gloved hand as well. On the hand, trace the knuckle and tendon contour.


  • This step appears difficult, yet all it takes is a nice make-out. The cloak is covered by a jacket, followed by a vest, a shirt, and a shirt. The clothing must be drawn from outside to inside, starting with the coat fastened with a single huge button (see the creases that extend from it), followed by the waistcoat and shirt.
  • Drawing the tie and the buttons, as well as adding some creases where the fabric is compressed, are details.


  • Joker’s legs’ extra lines should be removed, and their contours should be circled. Draw the folds using some straight lines. Draw the shoe’s sole with a large trapezoid and a small semicircle at the visible lower portion.


  • Draw stripes on the jeans using long lines. Today’s drawing features comic book-style shadows, which are striking and contrasted. It is best to apply them in two stages: first, sketch the shadows’ shapes; then, cover them with tightly packed, vivid shading.