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Complete Guide to Microsoft Power Automate Course Certification

For business users and professionals in the field of Information Technology, everyone needs to have accomplished automated procedures to boost productivity. This can be achieved by utilizing Microsoft Power Automate. Since the platform is low with a no-code platform, there are no specific prerequisites to understanding how to use the Microsoft Power Automate platform.

People willing to work in the field need to earn the power automate certification and the MCSA certification.

Before that, let us understand everything about Microsoft Power Automate. 

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Microsoft Power Automate is a program granting professionals working in the IT sector the ability to incorporate data analysis and its implementation effectively. The tool helps simplify automated procedures so that it operates well. 

Some functions of the Microsoft Power Automate Tool are

  • Mechanizing activities from local devices.
  • Backing up Application Programming Interface.
  • Sending reminders about the current functions.

The Microsoft Power Automate tool is apt for professionals working in healthcare, retail, banking, manufacturing, and insurance enterprises.

Prerequisites for Microsoft Power Automate Certification Course

The prerequisites for power automation certification are

  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft 365 applications.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft applications like Word and Excel.
  • Have a OneDrive business account.
  • Basic understanding of Structured Query Language database.

Benefits of Microsoft Power Automate

  • Microsoft Power Automate is a cloud-based system that allows working professionals to frame mechanized workflows. The workflows can be placed anywhere across the applications. Professionals do not have to write codes while using the platform.
  • The workflows serve as the powerhouse of the Microsoft Power Automate platform. The workflows are known as automatic workflows. The team member of a company or the user will determine the actions ingrained in the workflow. 
  • Power Automate enables professionals to prepare and send notifications and emails from some people. If there is a requirement for permission from a few people within a company, Microsoft Power Automate can help with approvals. 
  • Employees can ask for automation to perform all the tasks within a company that needs implementation. It is an apt way to save time and boost productivity. 
  • People can connect from one service to another using Gmail, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. If working professionals use Microsoft Power Automate, they will have fewer or no restrictions to mechanize business procedures.

Types of Flow Under Microsoft Power Automate

Various categories of flows are formed under Microsoft Power Automate. The flows serve different goals to automate numerous repetitive activities to develop the effectiveness of functionalities within a company.

Cloud Flows

Professionals create cloud flows when they wish their automation function to generate alerts. Cloud flows are further categorized into three types.

  1. Instant Flows: People can begin an automated process with one click. They can pursue flows for automating monotonous activities from mobile phones to computers. For example, employees can use instant flows to remind their team with one click on a tab on their mobile phones.
  2. Scheduled Flows: Scheduled flows run on schedules. Employees must schedule their tasks, like regularly uploading and sharing through SharePoint.
  3. Automated Flows: Automated Flows enable employees to form automation provoked by a certain event a user has set. For example, people receive emails and messages. People get notified when such actions take place.

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Desktop Flows

Desktop flows aim to pursue automation of chosen activities from mobile phones and computers. People can do the activities through Microsoft Power Automate.

Business Process Flows

Business Process flows give user experience for helping people to figure out and communicate with the managerial processes.


Learners should remember numerous features which are internal and accessible with the help of the Microsoft Power automate tool and solutions that learners can explore when they gain experience. Therefore, people can explore the features of the platform. People can also study the Microsoft Power Automate course and train themselves to use the tool and frame automated procedures. Looks for good online training courses from trusted websites and practice as many test papers as possible.