Complete Guide For Video Game Development Outsourcing Service

Outsourcing game development is bringing in an outside contractor, such as a studio or a single expert, to help with many aspects of the production process, including programming, 2D and 3D art, animation, VFX, VR simulation, UX/UI design, testing, and more.

The information in this article will guide you through the realm of game outsourcing if you’re looking to outsource game development in any way.

Reasons to Outsource Game Development

High-caliber development teams operate globally and provide outsourcing services for game design that can help you save both time and money. This method of game manufacturing is used by both large, well-known corporations and tiny studios to produce better games.

The only option to create a game and begin establishing a business for those first entering the market may be to outsource at least some aspects of game production.

1. It is cost-saving

It is less expensive to outsource game art production than to produce it internally. The wages in game outsourcing companies are lower, which is crucial given that creating a game requires a sizable knowledgeable team of professionals.

The difference in production costs becomes significant when all work hours, a software licence, equipment, and office rent are added up.

2. It is time-saving

In every industry, but especially in the tech and entertainment sectors, time is money. You can expand your crew or hire a company to complete a particular task, like creating game art. This enables you to focus on other tasks, shorten the game production process, lower associated expenses, and increase profit margins.

3. It is available at last-minute

When it appears that you will miss a deadline or you have just finished working on the concept and are just now aware of the precise services

4. It provides easy access to specialized expertise

You don’t have to engage someone specifically for this duty if your new game development project calls for experts in a certain area of game art production. You can hire employees from an outside game development business who are experts in that field, and you can be sure that the output will be excellent. No further HR issues, which takes us to the following observation.

5. You avoid hiring full-time employees

In a corporate climate that is changing quickly, hiring and managing full-time staff is a significant and expensive duty that is not always cost-effective. You can buy yourself flexibility in the outsourcing industry—something that all sectors are currently moving toward—by using project-based hiring.

6. It is ethical

Luckily, game development is not like quick fashion. Depending on their specialisation and level of education, game industry employees in Eastern Europe or South-East Asia typically earn less than those in the US. When compared to the cost of living in their country, employees of outsourcing companies earn from fair to excellent salaries. Don’t worry; they have excellent offices, vacations, and health insurance.

7. It is a common practice

Nearly 90% of game development companies outsource at least portion of their work. With certainty, you could claim that it has become the norm for the sector.

Outsourcing Models

Knowing as much as you can about the system’s operation is crucial if you want to reap the various advantages that outsourcing offers. For instance, there are several outsourcing models, as we’ve already explained.

Full-cycle production

is the process by which your idea and other pre-production materials are carried through game creation to give you a finished game, as well as support and updates, if you like.

That is not the typical course of action for game firms because they prefer to be more involved in the procedure, but it can be a good fit for a business with a primary concentration on anything other than game production.

Specific task outsourcing

involves giving an outsourcing studio responsibility for one or more specific game production tasks. The most frequently outsourced jobs are programming (most frequently in the languages Unity/U# and Unreal/C++) and game design (2D, 3D, animation, and VFX).


signifies close coordination between an outsourced crew and the main team of a game company. While working on the game development project, the two groups essentially combine into one, and it takes some time to set up a process that will allow the experts from both sides to collaborate to build a Video game development outsourcing service.

What suits your needs best

Full-Cycle Outsourcing

hire a company to create a game from the ground up for you. Get a product that has been released and is being updated.

Specific Task Outsourcing

With specific task outsourcing, a business provides a specific Video game development outsourcing service

component (e.g. programming, game art, etc.)


collaborate with a team from an outsourcing studio.

In-House Development

manages a team of full-time employees that you hire and employ.

We will only evaluate three work models because most game development companies are more interested in growing their workforce than in getting a finished product.

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