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Check Out the 3 Best Cancer Centres in Adelaide

Known as the opal capital of Australia, Adelaide has recently gained popularity among migrants for its affordable standard of living index. One of the more important things to see is the medical facilities provided in the city. Adelaide offers a safety measure for medical facilities. It is home to many of the finest medical facilities in the country. 

There are various multispecialty hospitals in Adelaide which offer oncology, gynaecology, ENT, Gastro, and General faculties, to name a few. The most notable is Adelaide cancer centres, which provide premium radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and other cancer genetic services. 

The centre has various oncologist health professionals who care for cancer patients from different cancer centres. In this guide, we talk about 3 such centres which you can find in Adelaide:

3 Cancer Centre in Adelaide

Burnside Hospital

Burnside Hospital is a private, not-for-profit community hospital in Adelaide. Burnside offers comprehensive care for cancer patients as it is one of their specialities. They provide various cancer treatments like radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and hormone treatments. They treat various cancer types: Lung, brain, breast, head and neck, melanoma, and gastric, to name a few. 

Above this, they have a gynaecology department that can provide the best treatments. With trusted experts in fields like oncology and gynaecological surgery, Burnside hospital’s facilities are unmatchable. The general medical department is also up and running with greater effectiveness. They offer holistic facilities and surgical care in oncology, gynaecology, prenatal care, and education. 

Northern Adelaide Cancer Centre

Northern Adelaide cancer centre is a hospital providing clinical help to cancer patients. They cover various cancer types such as the brain, breast, gastrointestinal, head and neck, melanoma, neuroendocrine, respiratory, sarcoma, and genitourinary systems.

The hospital has many experienced medical professionals with the skills to undergo treatments and care for your everyday needs. The hospital’s radiotherapy and chemotherapy facilities are also noteworthy and have proven effective for their patients. Northern Adelaide Cancer Centre has specialised knowledge and skills backed by a team of experts in the field of oncology.

Icon Cancer Centre

Icon cancer centre is a specialised oncology hospital in Adelaide providing a variety of cancer treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapies. The hospital provides extensive blood, bowel, breast, lung, prostate, and skin cancer treatments. 

The skilled professionals in this hospital also provide treatments for blood disorders and world-class cancer care closer to home. The administrative staff is focused on providing personalised care to every individual patient. With a huge array of facilities offered to you for your oncology needs, Icon Cancer Centre is one of the top 3 Adelaide’s cancer centres known for extensive treatments for all cancer types.


Adelaide is indexed with health professionals to provide for your gynaecology needs, oncology needs, and other everyday needs. If you want to shift to Adelaide or fulfil your medical needs, you will not need to worry about your medical needs. You can reach out to the professionals mentioned in the above centres simultaneously. 

Their skills and vigilance will help you effectively navigate your medical emergency. These hospitals bring you the benefits of global cancer care closer to home.