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How Wedding Gift Boxes in Happy New Year Will Affect Your Life

wedding gift boxes

Wedding gift boxes are a great way to present a special item to a wedding party member. A box can hold a wide array of items, from wine to candy, to candles. The bridesmaid and groomsmen can choose from a variety of boxes to ensure that they receive the perfect gift. Here are some etiquette … Read more

The Most Thoughtful Christmas Gift Baskets in Chicago’s Market


Chicago, like the rest of the world, is in full Christmas preparation mode now that the holiday season is drawing near. If you haven’t even started thinking about your responsibilities for gift-giving yet, you can stop being so intimidated by the situation because we’ve got you covered. This selection of Christmas Gift Baskets is sure … Read more

Weekly Conversation Topics You Must Discuss with Your Wife

Weekly Conversation Topics You Must Discuss with Your Wife

My wife is a flight attendant. People will occasionally ask me whether I am concerned about the possibility of an aircraft crash. This may come as a surprise to you, but it does not to me. The most significant danger that flight attendants confront is the possibility of being wounded as a result of turbulence-related … Read more