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Can Manglik Dosha be removed? By Anytimeastro……

The Mangalik Dosha Kundali can be permanently cured with the help of excellent Mangalik Dosha therapies. According to Indian Vedic Astrology, several planets are malefic and their improper placements can harm various facets of your life.

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Additionally, our astrology offers particular treatments to treat these Doshas. When couples get married, astrologers carefully examine the Mangalik Kundali since it has a significant impact on married life.

Let’s learn everything there is to know about the Mangalik Dosha in this article, including which planetary positions are responsible for it. repercussions on a person’s life and characteristics of Mangalik Dosha. After identifying the cause, we will then offer the most successful treatments for Mangalik Dosha.

The first thing we need to understand is what types of planetary alignments lead to Mangalik Dosha. Which birth houses can this Dosha be created in? Additionally, when it faces Mars, a few planets have the potential to cancel out its impact.

Let’s know everything in brief.

  • South Indian astrologers claim that the second house is also taken into account for Mangal Dosha.
  • Astrologers in South India refer to it as Chevvai Dosham.
  • Mars creates Mangal Dosha in your birth chart when it is situated in the 12th house, the first house, the fourth house, the seventh house, and the eighth house from your ascendant.
  • You may determine your Mangalik Dosha using your Lagna, Moon Sign, and Venus charts.
  • Mars causes a high Manglik Dosha when it resides in the aforementioned houses.
  • Astrologers can determine the degrees of Dosha based on the position and house of Mars. No matter how high it is.
  • When analyzing a Kundali, this Dosha can be accurately predicted. Additionally, it aids in determining the suitability of the bride and husband.
  • Astrologers can offer specific cures to carry out prior to the wedding if they are able to detect the Manglik Dosha at the time of the marriage. These remedies can reduce the negative effects of mars.
  • If Mars is in an aspect with a benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus, its negative effects are reversed.
  • According to astrologers, a Manglik dosha cancels after 28 years. A boy or girl is liberated from Mangalik dosha after they turn 28 years old.
  • Manglik Kundali refers to any boy or girl who has the above-mentioned Mars placements in their birth chart.

What Vedic Astrology Says About Mars?

Mars occupies a prominent position in the Celestial Council. Given that it is the most aggressive planet, it constantly monitors the adversary. It serves as a soldier and is a fiery planet with unwavering resolve.

The aggressive nature and other Mangal Dosha characteristics are present in those who are under the sway of Mars. “God of war” is how people refer to Mars. It results in aggressiveness, a heated temper, strong urges, and intense passions.

However, if one can direct this aggressiveness toward useful goals, it can be beneficial. Mars bestows a strong work ethic and steadfast focus as well. If your Mars is correctly positioned, you can reap these advantages.

It also conveys the attraction between two individuals. (Specifically, the opposite sex.) Therefore, it is essential to be fully informed about Mars before getting married. Arguments between the couple may result from this evil planet. In extreme situations, it also splits up relationships. Under the strong Mars influences, one may experience harsh arguments and perhaps divorce.

Quick Facts About Mangala Dosha

  • This Dosha makes its sufferers angry and short-tempered. Everything excites them instantly.
  • People who have the Mangalik Dosha always have a fiercely competitive mentality. They even start competing with their partners, which is the worst part. Their relationship is impacted by this.
  • Males and females can both have Manglik dosha.
  • In a married relationship, it leads to hostility and stress. In extreme situations, people might consider divorcing or separating forever.
  • It puts off getting married.
  • The negative impacts of Mars can be offset if two Mangalik get married.
  • A person’s financial, professional, and marital lives may suffer if Dosha is extremely high.
  • People with poor Mangal are constantly stressed and unable to relax or feel at peace in their daily lives.

Manglik Dosha meaning according to House Placement

  • Mars in the first house can lead to disagreements in your marital relationship. A couple may always quarrel over insignificant issues.
  • Mars being in the second house will be challenging for the family. You could be causing stress for your family.
  • If Mangal is in the fourth house, difficulties may arise in their professional and career lives. You could be perplexed about your professional possibilities.
  • Mars can increase dominance in the partnership when it is in the seventh house. One partner rules the relationship and makes all major decisions. This results in an unsatisfactory relationship.
  • Mars could cause the paternal property to deteriorate if it takes up residence in the ninth house. Or you might not be able to use your rights to this property.
  • It produces mental worry if it’s in the twelfth house. which in the end destroys your family life. Your continual annoyance leads to strained relationships with your family.

Mangalik Dosha Remedies

  • Partial Manglik Dosha can be eliminated by Mangal Shanti Puja.
  • Kumbh Vivah is advised by astrologers to treat your malpositioned Mars. A person should wed a peepal tree as this treatment. This tree eliminates all of Mars’ antagonistic influence.
  • Malefic Mars is neutralized by Tuesday’s worship of Lord Hanuman. Additionally, pleasing Mars will result in benefits from it.
  • Ask Lord Vishnu for help in overcoming this Dosha. It is the simplest method for treating Mangal.
  • Wear the diamonds that an astrologer has recommended. It aids in boosting your Mars.
  • A trip to the Navagraha Temple can lessen Mars’ negative impacts. The Manglik people perceive it to be a lucky location.
  • Every Tuesday, you should fast to lessen the impacts of Manglik dosha.

Mars is an important celestial planet that possesses strength and intensity. A person with a weak Mars is incapable of managing even minor life difficulties. Astrologers pay close attention to Manglik marriages and specifically check for Mangal Dosha.