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Marketing and advertising go hand in hand. A business cannot prosper and progress without the support of advertisements and marketing gimmicks. To reach out to the customer and to entice the prospective buyer, a marketer often resorts to advertising and promoting his products using an array of offers and proposals. Often he ventures into paid advertising, which gives the product an image and patronage in the eyes of the buyers. The trust builds in and the customer is able to finalize his choice easily. When the product is placed in direct visibility of the client, and that too repeatedly, he is sure to notice it and finally fall for it. 

Paying for advertising a product means projecting the product in an online model wherein the product is advertised on pre-decided platforms during pre-decided breaks and times, to be able to appeal to the prospective purchaser. All this is done with proper planning and a lot of insight into the different networks and platforms. These advertisements are thus targeted at a selective audience with an intention to convince them to choose the product at the time of buying. The focus is on maximum recall of the product along with outlining the benefits of purchasing it while making a subtle comparison with other similar products. Thus, while the naïve online audience binge watch their favourite programs or shows, the product promoters are doing their job by projecting the product on the sidelines or bottom of the screens both in the form of shopping and text ads.

Paying for advertising and marketing the products is one of the most preferred ways today. It has several benefits as mentioned hereunder:

  • Enhances sales: By advertising, the sales of the product that is promoted, are increased by increasing your visibility. It leads to immediate results by evaluating the efficiency of the advertising efforts. Paid ads show their results instantly if you choose the right medium to advertise. Since the results are immediate, one can decide on the method of paid ads and make prudent decisions.
  • Most Suitable for startups: Without publicizing their products, startups and new businesses will not find an avenue to explore and find their target audience. To promote their products, the medium of online paid ads is most suitable as it allows them to locate their appropriate audience and make sales. The online ads method helps them to experiment, know the sentiment of the buyers and also demonstrate their merchandise.
  • Aim at the right clientele: Choosing to advertise in selective mediums by paying also helps to aim at the right audience. This leads to better presence and sales in the long run. By using the data in the form of graphs and charts, the sales people can estimate the preferences of the buyers. They may segregate the data on the basis of demographics, choice of products, age and gender and also the interest shown in the advertisements etc. it will help to select eh target audience and present the most suitable product to them. It helps to design the ad campaigns and aim to maximize sales.
  • Global presence: Advertising by paying allows the businesses to maximize their reach and have a global presence. It makes the product visible at a larger scale and brings in new buyers easily. Further, it allows a business to explore tie-ups and collaborations with other entities facilitating vertical and horizontal integration.
  • Facing the Competition: Paying for marketing of the products when you are trading in a competitive market becomes all the more challenging as the ads have to be specific and give sufficient returns on the investment. It also means that reaching out to the potential clients becomes the foremost aim for a business, especially when you have a lesser market share. Using this method to create awareness brings in an added advantage and the potential clients get interested in the products.
  • Use of Analytics: The data obtained with the help of running such advertising campaigns which are paid, can help to analyze the information in the form of numbers and the interested clients. Since the data can let you know the number of hits and the interest shown in your product, it becomes easy to plan and target the actual audience. By checking the data of the clients who have actually converted into buyers, it becomes easy to plant the future course of action as regards advertising and reaching out to the customers. 
  • Additional benefits: The use of information helps to retarget the audience who have not finalized on their purchase and thus not closed the deal. Sometimes, approaching the prospective customer again may convert it into a sale. These additional benefits support the marketing team to design and plan the strategies of selling and advertising according to the response shown by the prospective buyers. 

It helps to strategize and redesign the sales campaign for future product lines. The use of paid method of advertising helps to realign the sales approach thereby contributing to control the expenses. Since there are different methods of advertising through different mediums such as social media, search engine, display marketing or using the latest mode of influencer marketing, the main focus is on increasing the visibility and recall of the product, thereby increasing the sales. The sales team works in tandem with these mediums to create awareness and global presence of the product. No matter which industry or business kind, the use of paid marketing lets you get the exact space and slot of promoting and publicizing the products at the appropriate medium. Although the system works on bidding method, it allows the business entity to recover the costs by aiming at the most suitable viewers who most likely would turn into buyers once they have viewed the advertisement. 

Given the statistics provided by various companies, it is evident that the figures speak for themselves. The reach of online promotion has crossed the conventional ads world and has moved way beyond. It is time to change the way you reach out to your customers and offer them an experience of visualizing your product in a new style and convince them to go ahead and make the buy decision.