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Amazing Things to do in Lowestoft: An Adventurous Town In The UK

Lowestoft, in northern Suffolk, is a coastal town with a long and storied past. When it comes
to British travellers, what was once a bustling port is now a popular tourist destination.
You’re in for a real treat when you check out the historic district of Lowestoft. Numerous
attractions, such as beaches that have won awards, zoos, theme parks, live theatres, and
restaurants, await your visit. Lowestoft is the first place in Britain to see the sunrise if that
weren’t enough to convince you.

We understand that it would be unrealistic to expect you to view everything in such a short
amount of time. Not to worry, however; we’ve handpicked a few of what to do in Lowestoft.

Things to do in Lowestoft that are the best:

Oulton Broads of Lowestoft: The picturesque village of Oulton Broad is not far from
Lowestoft’s popular coastal town. This spot is hard to beat, with Edwardian Park, wildlife
preserves, and charming riverside eateries all within easy reach. Riverside dining and
shopping, exploring the famous Carlton and Oulton Marshes, walking through Nicholas
Everitt Park, and learning about local history at the Lowestoft Museum are just some of the
activities available in the region.

As we’ve already said, Oulton Broads is home to several unique sights to pique your
curiosity. As a result, if you ask what to do in Lowestoft, this is undoubtedly one of the best
things to do in Lowestoft.

Lowestoft Beach: There’s no question that most of us enjoy time at the beach. Picture
yourself basking in the sun and sipping a cold one on a sandy beach. That’s fantastic. So,
there’s no need to skip this if you’re going to be in Lowestoft at the right time. Gather your
loved ones and go to this famous beach.

A trip to Lowestoft’s beach, a gorgeous expanse of golden sand split in two by the city’s
century-old Claremont Pier, is one of the best ways to spend a day in the town. In one
breathtaking panorama, you can see the beach, gardens, Victorian houses, and lovely rows
of colourful beach huts. Swimming, water activities, going to a typical summer fair, eating
local food, or doing nothing may all result in a good experience.

Reviews from Lowestoft: If you want to know about the town’s history, one of the most
important things to know is the scores. The scores are a network of alleys that formerly connected the high street atop the cliffs to the fishing hamlet on the beach below. The seaside neighbourhood has disappeared, but the scores have been preserved for posterity.

Merkur Bingo highly recommends this in Lowestoft since it is fun and educational. Originally,
there were fourteen scores, but today there are just twelve. Thus, if you like taking strolls
and discovering new and interesting things, this is one of the best things to do in Lowestoft.
Since each course is around 1.5 miles, you may choose as many songs as you desire.
Those who don't share our hatred of physical activity may look forward to an even better
time. In September, the Waveney Athletics Club hosts their gruelling scoring race, in which
competitors must run up and down each score.

Kirkley and Pakefield: Pakefield is a charming area in Lowestoft that sits on a cliff
overlooking the North Sea. Certainly, you should take the time to investigate this historical
gem by the water. Whether you’re looking at the 19th-century lighthouse or the little
fishermen’s cottages, it’s impossible to miss the maritime history of this quaint community.
You should check out the historic inns, clifftop churches, and quaint cafes serving English
tea and pastries in Pakefield.

Kirkley, a prosperous area, may be found on the southern coast of Lowestoft. If you’re
looking for what to do in Lowestoft to take the kids for the day, you won’t find a better
option than Kirkley. The area is famous for being Benjamin Britten’s birthplace and the grand
Victorian mansions that line the marine promenade and look out over the water.
Neighbourhood businesses, cafes, and restaurants keep the area lively, making it a great
place to hang out.