Advice on Passing the Cisco CCNP Certification Exam

Cisco offers leading networking certifications like CCNP. In terms of expertise, knowledge, and talent, they are among the most dependable qualifications. Cisco Certified Network Professional is highly valued worldwide. It is a thorough examination of the fundamentals presented in the CCNA course. It has established a standard for recruiting businesses concerning value and trust, making it challenging to meet. A Cisco certification is not easy to obtain, but it  is not insurmountable either. It contains completely distinct domains, which makes passing the exam difficult unless you get suitable training. You will find CCNP certification exam preparation tips to crack the exam in this post. .

About CCNP Certification

A person in the IT business who has earned a Cisco career certification is known as a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). Obtaining certification demonstrates that one is suitably trained and capable of operating Cisco networking devices and systems. Because of this, the professional is very employable in any business using Cisco networking equipment. Certification can be obtained by training and study, followed by passing the relevant exam for the desired qualification.

You can acquire CCNP certification in any of the following 8 Cisco domains:

  • Routing and Switching
  • Collaboration
  • Service Provider
  • Security
  • Cloud
  • Wireless
  • Data Center
  • Design

Preparatory Manual for the CCNP Exam

  • Review your CCNA Course

As you begin your CCNP training to get the certification, be sure to review the fundamentals from your CCNA training. CCNP provides in-depth knowledge and a logical understanding of CCNA subtopics. If it has been a while since you completed your CCNA certificate program, brush up on some information, skills, and reasoning to help yourself get prepared for the certification.

  • Explore Other Resources

Engage in several areas at a time for CCNP certification exam preparation. Join forums to get your questions answered, and subscribe to the Cisco blogs to get informed of any updates or changes to the courses. Follow blogs to learn about the most recent networking news developments. Find CCIE authors, look at their videos, and read their books. The benefit of participating in groups and forums is the assistance you receive when you run into problems or receive some helpful advice. There is tons of information available for you online, so keep yourself well informed.

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  • One Subject at a Time

You cannot cram every subject of the CCNP course. Before moving on to the next subject, learn it, comprehend it, practice with it, and become an expert in it. You shouldn’t read a book cover to cover without evaluating your comprehension of each CCNP concept. You’ll gain confidence and score well for the CCNP exam by tackling one material at a time. Ensure you’re not wasting your valuable time by gathering the knowledge you are not learning. You can’t  go far by doing this.

  • Practical Experience

If you have cleared the CCNA exam without using a lab setting, the CCNP exam won’t be simple for you if you lack practical experience. As they advise getting one to three years of practical experience before preparing for the CCNP examination, Cisco certification is never about only academic knowledge. It is done to ensure that  you  possess practical experience with all its Cisco CCNP equipment. 4-5 hours of hands-on practice each day is often required to understand the topologies and ideas covered in Cisco CCNP courses. You’ll learn more as you practice, which will boost your confidence.

  • Prepare for the Test

There are three exam modules for CCNP. Namely, 300-101-Route, 300-115 Switch, and 300-135 TSHOOT. A strategy for the preparation should be in place. According to CCIE professionals, you should choose the one you feel most sure about. However, you can choose whatever you want to begin with. CCNP certification cost ranges from $900 to $1200. Plan things in advance to ensure that your studies  and exam-taking are coordinated. Your confidence for the subsequent tests increases after you pass the first test. Unwind between days, assess the state of your preparation, and make any necessary adjustments.

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To Summarize

To pass the CCNP test, candidates must demonstrate their knowledge of cloud security, network resources, network security, and several other areas. It will be simple to pass the certification if you have completed the principles and have tried to put ideas to the test. This exam serves as a tool for assessing a person’s ability for conceptual comprehension and connection in addition to serving as a measure of candidates’ verbal and reasoning skills. With the right CCNP certification exam preparation, you can  speed up professional advancement as the course helps to acquire essential industry-level knowledge and skills.