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Abu Dhabi schools that offer the Indian curriculum and fees charged

Abu Dhabi schools are as good as the best in the world. Most of the Indian curriculum schools in Abu Dhabi offer the CBSE curriculum, the premier Indian syllabus.  Abu Dhabi also has some great nursery schools. Let us get a lowdown on some of the best-known Indian curriculum and nursery schools in the world. Let us look at some of the best-known ones:


The best Indian curriculum schools and nursery schools in Abu Dhabi and their school fees.

1. Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi

Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi is one of the best-known international schools in the emirate. It offers classes from the pre-nursery level to the grade 12 level. The curricula offered by the school include Global Montessori Plus and CBSE. Everything about the school from the infrastructure to the teachers is top-grade. This is reflected in the academic track record of the school as also the fact that its students get admission to the best colleges and universities.


As regards the nursery Abu Dhabi fee , these are quite reasonable at AED 10,600.


2. (Bhawan’s) Private International School

One of the premier Indian curriculum schools in Abu Dhabi, Private International School was founded in 2010. It is part of the well-known Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan organization and a premier Abu Dhabi school. It has about a thousand and nine hundred students studying in classes KG1 to Grade 12. 99% of the students at the school are Indian. The school has a pretty good 1:15 teacher-to-student ratio, ensuring that all the students receive the individual attention they require to learn and develop to their full potential


Private International School offers the CBSE curriculum to their students, which is not surprising considering that most of the students are Indian. At the KG level, the school follows the Montessori-based approach. They charge a very low AED 9700 for KG students.


3.International Indian School

This well known CBSE school was founded in 2016. It boasts a student strength of more than 600 students, a majority of whom (68%) are in KG. The rest of the students study in the primary section as well as grades 6 and 7. Most of the students from this school are Indian, while some are Egyptian. The school has 42 teachers and 17 teaching assistants. The teacher-student ratio is a very healthy 1:15, which is excellent by Indian school standards.


The infrastructure of the school is fabulous and very conducive to impairing a holistic education to its students. At AED 10,500 for kg students, the fees charged by them are quite cheap too.


4. Mayoor Private School

Founded in 2014 Mayoor Private School is one of the best-known Indian schools in Abu Dhabi. The school offers the CBSE curriculum to its students, most of whom are Indian. The highlight of the curriculum is the fact that it relies heavily on individual learning and formative assessment which is conducted on an ongoing basis.


Not only does it encourage academic engagement the school also lays a whole lot of stress on extracurricular activities. The school also uses information technology as an integral part of the education process. What’s more, the school has an outstanding infrastructure to ensure that all children grow and develop in the best possible manner. A prime example of this is the one child one laptop policy followed from grade 1. The KG students get 1 tablet with 1 stylus. The fees charged for KG students is AED 15000.



When it comes to Indian curriculum schools in Abu Dhabi, there are a great many of them. That is reflective of the fact that the Emirate has large numbers of Indians living there. The presence of so many schools makes it possible for them to do so with their families including children. Most of the Indian schools in Abu Dhabi offer the CBSE syllabus, which makes it possible for their students to go to India to join college or university after completing their studies. These Indian schools also get a lot of students from other ex-pat communities living in Abu Dhabi as well as from amongst the locals.


The Indian schools of Abu Dhabi have made quite a reputation for themselves in the middle east on account of their ability to provide some of the very best schoolings in the world, yet charging the most reasonable of fees. Going forward one can expect Abu Dhabi to become a global hub of education for school-going thanks to the presence of so many high-quality Indian schools. These schools are rendering excellent service to so many young individuals by training them for the best possible future.

Not only are the Indian schools in Abu Dhabi known for imparting Indian values in their students, they are also known to provide a very international environment that makes global citizens out of their students.