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7 Easy Ways to Prevent Snoring When Sleeping

Have you ever felt angry at your spouse for loud snoring or woken up yourself while snoring? No matter what you do, you’re likely to snore occasionally. It often happens when your throat is in a relaxed state. It starts moving when you sleep. And those with severe snoring conditions might not get a normal sleep pattern, which could lead to insomnia. 

One important point to note is that snoring may be an indicator of sleep apnea, which is a potentially dangerous condition that requires instant medical attention. It often causes due to breathing obstructions that can wake up the sleeper. So, if you suffer from extreme sleepiness, fatigue, and exhaustion throughout the day, you may suffer from sleep apnea. And this condition needs to be checked out by a professional physician.

Ways to Get Rid of Snoring While Sleeping

  1. Change the Sleep Position

The main reason for snoring is ‘how you lie down”. If you lie on your back during sleep, the base of the tongue and soft palate often collapse on the throat’s back wall resulting in a vibrating sound. So, you should try to sleep on the side to get rid of snoring.

  1. Use Nasal Sprays

The anti-snoring spray can help you relieve snoring. These sprays enable air to pass through your nasal passages at a slower pace. A narrowed or clogged nose because of cold can often lead to snoring due to moving air. Besides nasal sprays, take a hot shower or steam before bed to open nasal airways. Also, rinse your nose with salt water to open your air passages.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Keeping your hydration levels up to prevent snoring. Generally, nose secretions and the soft palate get sticky when dehydrated. So, you need to have enough water to get rid of snoring.

  1. Quit Alcohol

Alcohol can decrease the muscle tone in your throat. Snoring gets worse when you drink alcohol up to four to five hours before sleeping. Even people who usually don’t snore start snoring after consuming alcohol. So quit alcohol if you can; else, try to avoid consuming before going to bed.

  1. Adjust the Position of Your Head

When sleeping, you need to elevate your head position using extra pillows. It may help you to keep the airways open. Hence, you can eliminate or reduce snoring. When your head is in an elevated position, your tongue won’t touch the back of your throat. So the chances of snoring are less due to wobbly throat and tongue muscles.

  1. Maintain Proper Weight

Being overweight can also make you snore more. So you need to exercise regularly and have a healthy diet to maintain proper weight. This way, you can prevent snoring.

  1. Maintain Proper Sleep Hygiene

People with bad sleeping habits or poor sleep quality are likely to snore. For someone with long work hours, it is impossible to get enough sleep, and throat muscles may get floppier. And this would result in snoring. The lack of sleep can make you prone to many other health conditions. So make a time schedule for your sleep. This way, you can ensure that you get enough sleep every day.


If you are suffering from snoring, you need to figure out its cause. You even need to work closely with your partner to solve the issue. Also, try out some of the given ways to get rid of snoring. You should get around eight hours of sleep consistently to maintain good sleep hygiene.

To get rid of snoring, you first have to figure out what sort of snorer you are. Whether you are a back snorer, mouth wide open snorer, mouth shut snorer, or any other kind of snorer, you can try any of these anti-snore remedies for instant relief from snoring. If none of these tips works for you, consult a doctor to find out the real cause and treat the condition.