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12 Best Shapewear for FUPA to Sculpt Your Curves with Ease

The most flattering shapewear for FUPA is here to give you an attractive fit and perfect shape. The upper part of your pubic region that is fat is most well-known for its initials -the letters – FUPA and the corresponding shapewear effortlessly tucks in the belly fat, bumps, muffin tops, and any curves around your hips and pubic areas. The shapewear style emphasizes your body and shape and gives you a feminine look. Before you slip into those attractive bodies-shaping pants, dresses, skirts, and jumpsuits put on a nice formwear piece and shape your body effortlessly.

Perfect shapewear conceals your FUPA and lets you put aside all things that can ruin the appearance of your bodycon clothing. The clothing is made with an elegant design that goes without being noticed. The effect of shapewear is immense and has been in the spotlight since the Victorian period. It assists you in maintaining an ideal posture by helping support your back. It also lifts your bust and butt and provides you with confidence.

A firmware is one of the best options to cover your FUPA and lower stomach pooch, but in the opinion of Lindsay Albanese, a celebrity stylist and style expert, there are some other ways to get a chic appearance:

  • You shouldn’t wear a shirt just at your pants’ waistband. Instead, choose something more feminine.
  • A person should avoid belts with small diameters and select belts with wider widths.
  • Wear flattering clothing like longer tops.
  • Peplum tops are great for wearing as they sit at the waistline and drape out towards your belly.
  • Choose dresses with textures that hide your body’s bumps and bumps.
  • Choose A-line dresses because they’re universally flattering for any figure.
  • Don’t wear a shirt just at your pants’ waistband. Instead, choose one that is less blousy.
  • It is recommended to avoid belts with small diameters and select belts with wider widths.
  • Wear flattering clothing such as longer tops.
  • Peplum tops are great for wearing that fit your waist and flaunt towards your belly.
  • Choose dresses with textures that hide the bumps and lumps on your body.
  • Choose A-line dresses because they flatter any figure.

MARIAE FAJAS Post-Surgery Capri Shapewear Postpartum

Its Post Surgery Postpartum Capri shapewear by MARIAE FAJAS is fitted with straps that can be adjusted and are thin and adjustable, and shoulder pads that alleviate discomfort. It’s made from comfortable and skin-friendly Columbian fabric. It assists in flattening your stomach. It lifts your butt and smooths your silhouette overall. It improves your butt and helps speed up healing after surgery. This shapewear to cover the upper part of the pubic region is made specifically for people with rectangular, hourglass, and pear-shaped bodies. This knee-length piece of clothing gives you complete control over your body’s natural features. What’s more? This style is equipped with four degrees of hook-and-eye closure to alter the fit.


  • Open bust
  • Many sizes
  • Thong that can be removed
  • Perfect for legs and thighs.
  • A hypoallergenic cotton lining
  • Improves the process of recovery


  • It is a size smaller

Sunrise Post-Surgery postpartum stage 1 Fajas Colombianas

The fabric used for this shapewear is an elastic and flexible nylon fabric that will fit your body comfortably. It is equipped with an inbuilt bra and a stunning mid-thigh-high-high-low pattern. It is helpful in flattering the lower belly area and aids in tucking in armpit fat. This formwear can effortlessly shape your stomach and raise your buttocks while simultaneously helping support your bust. Thanks to the side zipper closure, that allows for slimming and moderate compression. The high-back design enables you to maintain a proper posture and helps prevent skin folds. With this firmware, you can define your waistline and show off your hourglass-shaped figure for the entire day.


  • A variety of sizes
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Wide strap design
  • Improves blood flow
  • Used post-surgery/postpartum
  • The ideal treatment for back and abdominal liposuction


  • Size is only sometimes accurate.

DIANE and Georgi Topless sculpting mid-thigh thigh bodysuit

This Topless shaping mid-thigh-bodysuit from DIANE and GEORDI is designed to shape your body and assist you in maintaining a good posture. It is a beautiful open bust style and front zipper closure that has hooks, as well as an open crotch which enhances the shape of your body. It assists in improving the buttocks of your body and reducing your underarm fats. With this formwear, it is easy to slip on your favorite dress and not fret about your skin wrinkles and curves. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pear, apple, rectangular, inverted triangle, or hourglass-shaped body. The shapewear is perfect for every one of them.


  • 2 color choices
  • Breathable material
  • Skin-friendly fabric
  • Removable harnesses
  • Eye closure and hook inside
  • Available in a range of sizes


  • Straps are not able to remain in their original

FeelinGirl Full Body Shaper – Tummy Control Underwear

The shapewear of FeelinGirl has a unique open-crotch style. It’s a high-waisted stomach control underwear with solid and durable compression. It locks your curves and allows you to show off your ideal body. It comes with a high-elasticity fabric chest that has a 3D style. In addition, this dress’s moisture-wicking elastic fabric ensures you are comfortable throughout the day. The wide straps, the floral lace, and the simple hook closure are only a handful of the features that make this wardrobe indispensable.


  • A variety of sizes
  • Hip lifting design
  • Improves posture
  • 4-way stretchability
  • Top quality fabric
  • Double waistline control

SHAPERS Fajas Colombianas Tummy Control Bodysuit

This formwear, often referred to as Fajas Colombianas from SHAPERX, is an abdominal-control piece of clothing with an open-bust style thong. It features an opening with a zipper and hook and is designed specifically for women who want to shed excess belly fat and lower stomach pooch. It is firmly targeted at the belly area and accents your body in the most gorgeous way possible. The highly elastic mesh will hug your body without creating any discomfort. With moderate compression, this formwear can reduce the appearance of your skin folds and their prominence while you sit or stand.


  • Non-slip design
  • Breathable fabric
  • High-waist design
  • Improves posture of the back
  • Adjustable shoulder straps


  • Small size
  • Metal adjustments can hurt

SPANX Higher Power Panties

This selection of High Power Panties from SPANX is ideal for covering your muffin top and not causing discomfort. The high-waisted style is efficient, comfortable, and won’t squeeze your stomach. It’s designed to become an everyday necessity because it’s completely unnoticeable after you put on a dress. Without a slip-strip, this garment can stay on your stomach all day long. It’s not too tight or loose.


  • 4 colors
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Simple to wear
  • Machine washes easily
  • Ideal for larger sizes


  • Very thin fabric